Week in Review—Frigidity Edition

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It’s cold outside. Like really really cold. Which means that you probably had nothing better to do than sit inside, drink coffee, and check Bwog all day. But in the off chance that you had homework, or something, here’s what you should have read.

cold– Our new sex columnist. You’ll never know who she is, but you’ll read her anyway.

– Bwog gets beat. Soundly, firmly, depressingly vanquished.

– The nasty bits of Columbia: a good way to scare yourself shitless, and where computers go to die.

– How do you like your sustenance: posh, pretentious, or non-perishable?

– Expand your horizons! Throw knives! Say VAGINA, loudly, over and over again!

– So, you want to be president? Are you sure?

Academic spats…easily resolvable through facebook groups.

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  1. a request  

    can bwog cover the "bored at.." sites? it's not just bored at butler, see boredatbobst.com. ???

  2. correction  

    next time, link to the post itself, not the comments

  3. um....  

    The "sex columnist" links to pictures of discarded computers. Is the bwog going to have an "Ask DOS!" column?

  4. Anonymous  

    Wow, the geekery above gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling inside.

    —But honestly, who uses DOS anymore? PLZ UZE TEH LINUX K THX BAI

    (See also Cody Hess '06's brilliant '*nix Love': http://www.codyhess.com/writing/nix-love/

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