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Whacko Alums Who Amuse and Inspire

Wayne Allyn Root, C’83, is considering running on the Libertarian ticket during the next presidential election. More importantly, he has gotten rich by peddling crap, and he knows it. Nevertheless, after a career involving sports news, TV production, gambling, and writing best-selling books such as Millionaire Republican (part of subtitle: “Why Rich Republicans Get Rich”), Root has remained true to his… background and feels comfortable admitting he’s a real “S.O.B. (Son of a Butcher).” We wish we could make this stuff up.

PLUS: Read the first paragraph of Wayne’s bio to see what he thinks of his former classmates at “the most liberal college in America”.

Like Real Life… With More Gun Violence

Apparently Law and Order have spent too much time in Morningside Heights: art is starting to imitate Columbia life. Guess which events of the past semester have inspired an upcoming episode of the show, at least until the embryo part, in the following synopsis from the official site:

STUDENT SHOT DURING ASSEMBLY FOR RIGHT-WING POLTICAL SPEAKER – Judith Barlow (Guest Star Charlotte Ross), a controversial speaker participates in a Question and Answer at Grammercy College when the stage is mobbed. Someone in the crowd fires a gun, leaving one student dead. Detective Ed Green (Jesse L. Martin) and Nina Cassady (Milena Govich) question the victims friend Malcolm Yates (Guest star Louis Cancelmi), an older PhD student who creates human embryos to harvest stem cells. It is discovered that Yates has Parkinson’s disease and finds Barlow’s tactics as a direct threat to his job and life. Yates’ attorney, Bernie Adler (Guest star Ron Silver), is from the ACLU, during the trial Silver infuriates the jury by calling everyone racial epithets, which angers the judge. S. Epatha Merkerson, Sam Waterson and Fred Dalton Thompson also star. TV-14 DL

And Now Something Legitimate

On a sobering note, Bwog received a bit of solemn news over the weekend regarding the death of a GS student. Apparently Eric Posner, GS’06, one of the most outspoken MEALAC defenders during the controversy several years ago, was in Jerusalem visiting family when he passed. Rest in Peace.

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  1. did posner  

    pass of natural causes or did he get blown up?

  2. Root  

    That guy's website comes up as "AMAZING Millionaire Republican web site," just in case you don't know where your sudden AMAZEMENT comes from. And on the cover of his book he's standing on top of an SUV in front of his mansion = got my vote

  3. that's  

    why the call law and order 'ripped from the headlines.' who needs writers. this shit just writes itself.

  4. ron silver!  

    you know when he's on it'll make for a decent episode.

    also, with alums like wayne allyn root, who needs crude outsiders like the minutemen to catch our attention? I bet there are more than a few spartacists on campus who would love to take a swing at the "millionaire republican"...

  5. Sprinkles  

    I've never met a poor libertarian.

  6. uhhhhh  

    "WAR is a devoted family man- he has been married to Debra, a former Miss Oklahoma for 15 years, with 3 beautiful young children- Dakota, 14; Hudson, 5; and Remington Reagan, 2."

    does that mean his wife has been miss oklahoma for 15 years?

    • DHI  

      No. It means she was Miss Oklahoma for one year, and then former Miss Oklahoma for 15, making 16 years since she first gained the title.

      On a side note, I like the idea of the man being named "WAR", which when pronounced would sound just like the word for violent conflict but would have to be shouted to indicate the all-capital spelling.

      • I thought  

        that we were referring to a horseman of the apocalypse. personally I'm a famine voter.

      • woah  

        "No. It means she was Miss Oklahoma for one year, and then former Miss Oklahoma for 15, making 16 years since she first gained the title."

        I thought they had just missed a comma after "Oklahoma", and meant that they had been married for 15 years. I guess that was my bias of expecting someone to say how long they've been married, rather than how long they have a former title holder. Then again, I've been a former Kindergarden graduate for 15 years now.

  7. again  

    alums? try alumni

    • noooo  

      Not this again. Give up. You understand both alums and alumni, not to mention alumnus, alumna, and alumnae. Way to go. Some others may not get the whole Latin gender plural ending scheme. The English -s is a fine compromise for our modern age, AND ONE WHICH YOU IMMEDIATELY UNDERSTAND. Stop acting like a very reasonable stylistic choice is a mistake.

  8. WAIT

    Was that the refusenik who helped run the arabic tutoring sessions?

  9. for real  

    if this is for real, show some respect

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