Is that the sound of a whip cracking?

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The following e-mail was sent to all ABC groups not exactly one hour ago, but instead 84 minutes ago, and has so far stirred some consternation among prickly group members.

kjh———- Forwarded message ———-

From: [redacted]

Date: Jan 29, 2007 11:10 PM

Subject: [ABC] ABC Information Needed ASAP

To: [email protected]

Dear ABC Clubs,

In an effort increase our database of information and knowledge, we would like each ABC recognized club to write a succinct description of their organization, describing what the club does and what kind of roles it fulfills on campus.  We would also like each club to provide the total number of people in the group.  Please email this

information to [redacted] no later than 11:59 pm on Friday February 2nd.  If we do not receive any information from your organization, there will be an investigation of your group’s activity on campus.  Thank you for your

understanding and we look forward to hearing from you.


Allison Fortune

ABC Secretary


ABC president Keith Hernandez had this to say on the subject:

“ABC, in an attempt to continuously enhance our services, is requesting information from groups so that we can ease communication, better our archiving of group information, and put this new information on a soon to be released new website.  If groups do not respond to the ABC request, we will then seek out the information through personal emails to the group leaders.  If they do not respond to those, then we will consult with SDA on getting a description.  Suffice to say, not having a description from a group really hampers ABC in our ability to serve the group.”

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  1. 12:34-11:10=  

    NOT one hour ago? How about MORE than an hour ago. Reactionary fools.

  2. Columbian  

    Oh god... Administration!!

    Why don't they send this to SGB groups?!?! I mean those are the ones that cause *controversy*.

    • Anonymous  

      For the record, ABC groups are no less capable at causing controversy than SGB groups. Their groups handle issues just as incendiary and delicate as ours.
      Also, they're miles ahead of us on basic things like websites. Ours is atrocious. Maybe ABC will role out a solid one and we can follow suit.

  3. Elna

    Nooooo.....don't investigate us.

  4. tired

    Administration to CV-Who's Cracking the Whip Now Bitch?

  5. confused  

    seriously...what? de-innuendo this for us please.

  6. really?  

    ABC is incredibly inefficient, they don't even meet their own deadlines.

  7. why  

    why does ABC even exist? i find their function to be totally superfluous. even if they were here to give students a "voice" in deciding where our money goes, who's to say that's always fair? i pay almost $400 in student life fees every semester, yet my student group received less than $70 for the whole year's allocation last year. how is that serving my needs?

    • WTF

      "Suffice to say, not having a description from a group really hampers ABC in our ability to serve the group."

      Bull SHIT. All ABC did when I was a treasurer (along with SDA) was make my life utterly miserable trying to meet all their guidelines and rules. I found out afterwards that they really had no way of tracking half the shit they made us track and ended up rolling over money without a second question.

      And just what on earth is the point of EAFs? WTF? Does any other governing board make its groups jump through so many hoops? And to what purpose?

      • Keith  

        WTF - I am sorry you feel that way. Just so you know, ABC is constantly getting better as an organization. Lest you forget, we are students still, who are dealt the same obstacles as all of you. We try as best as we can to operate at a high-level and provide for our groups in the way that no other governing board or student government performs. Our goal is to always minimize frustration, but dealt our circumstances that, inevitably, is an unreachable goal. But please tell me how we can help and we will work toward that end.

        As for guidelines -- they exist to curb costs that would otherwise drive ABC into debt considering the lack of growth in ABC's budget. You want fewer guidelines, ask the councils to divert more money to ABC.

  8. old school

    you pay $400, but that gets divided up among the 3 or 4 councils, which get divided up by the 5 governing boards. ever wonder how concerts pays for the bands they put on? abc supports a lot of groups that serve the wider community. not just one student group

  9. what is this?


    I refuse to comply with any investigation.


  10. Christine

    I send kudos to Keith. And actually ABC does track costs to reconcile with balance sheets that SDA makes it look at. Just for reference, student groups suffered the brunt of a deficit back in 2001 due to lack of funding supervision and support:


    and subsequently all were affected due to the new group recognition moratorium:

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