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  1. I totally agree  

    Columbia gets WAY more than just "monetary" benefits. Barnard offers us free services that would normally require a trip downtown and at least $20 for the entire night.

  2. Freakin Freshmen  

    Am I going to have to hear about this Barnard/Columbia relationship the entire time I'm here? Someone is always complaining about our "complex" relationship, don't they get it... someone just like you said the same thing last year. So just drop it.

  3. yo man  

    chas carey, good writer!

  4. Chuck  

    Chas' article is certainly convinced that small-government conservatives ought to be busy hating gay people... why the hell don't more people think that's an irrational attitude? I'm still waiting for the Republican that proposes arming the gays...

  5. Barnard Women  

    should learn to use a little writing device called "the Paragraph"

    On another note, lets take a moment to realize that the "7 sister colleges" are going co-ed or shutting down one by one. Its time Columbia just used a little more eminent domain and took over.

    • stupid Barnard womyn

      Really? I've yet to hear anything about Wellesley, Holyoke, Bryn Mawr or Smith going coed. Or disappearing.
      There are many benefits to a single sex education: the obvious classroom freedom, comfort in terms of dorm living, and yes, as cliche as it sounds, empowering environment.
      We also get internship grants, personal attention from advisors and the feeling that the administration actually cares that we go here. But
      obviously you wouldn't recognize any of that. It's a shame your superiority complex has taken up so much of your conscious thought that you're unable to produce any kind of rational thought.
      Damn. I love Columbia and everything, but some of ya'll bitches drive me crazy.

  6. wow

    more props for the city news desk. that's quite a scoop they've got there. nice work.

  7. ack  

    "According to a 1982 Time Magazine article, when the current relationship between Barnard and Columbia was agreed upon, the new arrangement was flouted as the "best of all possible non-unions."

    -Strong Barnard Women article

    Barnard's great. Columbia's great. Illiterate writers and the copy-editors who do not pick up their errors are NOT GREAT.

  8. that barnard article  

    is the most incoherent piece of shit i've read at columbia. it's so here-and-there, i'm shocked that the spectator actually chose to publish that.

  9. what the hell  

    (as previously stated) learn how to separate ideas into PARAGRAPHS.

    and isn't avery the better architecture school?

    • avery

      houses the graduate school of architecture, planning, and preservation. they don't have any arrangements for undergraduate study.

      undergraduate study of architecture is through a department that columbia and barnard jointly house. first year studios and the offices and computer lab are in barnard hall. design studios are in the basement of schermerhorn.

  10. The Barnard article  

    as seen in the hard copy of the Spect is split into paragraphs.

  11. SEAS-er  

    We need Barnard because talking to CC girls with sticks up their butts all day would be awful.

    That and they offer a ton of facilities and opportunities, as previously mentioned. Hardly a "backdoor" if you look at the class requirements and admissions standards.

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