Facebook f you

Bwog received several tips regarding the glorious Facebook Flyer displayed at right, which we are sure brought smiles to procrastinators throughout campus (and, perhaps, panic to a certain scarf thief). We wish the flyer’s anonymous poster good luck bundling up, although (s)he probably needs to cool off a little anyway.

Come now, Chris

Okay, Dean Colombo, we’ll take your enrolled student survey for the chance to win a $60 gift certificate to the bookstore (after all, we need some souvenirs to remember this place by beyond drunken photos and loan repayment reminders). But did it have to come from a generic template hosted on the MIT server? Bwog wonders what other schools might be soliciting this information from their students… (hint: one question mentions “secret societies” and “eating clubs”)

Seth Strikes Again

For those too lazy to read all of CCSC President Seth Flaxman’s latest, greatest email, a FastFlax (by way of highlights):

  • On Glass House Rocks: “really, it’s actually fun and people go”
  • On Subliminal Advertising: “Books on Campus lets you buy and sell textbooks online. GLASS HOUSE ROCKS. You can log in using your Facebook account and buy or sell books…”
  • On the Art of Peer Adivising: “help students make or not make the same mistakes you did”
  • On Ulterior Motives “There is free food inside the attachment.”
  • On English Majors: “please keep all grammatical corrections to yourself”

The best parts, however, Bwog will leave for those with the patience to scroll…