Ambition is the theme of today’s minutiae: presidential, artistic, or otherwise. Below, Bwog catches up with opportunities taken—and opportunities you could take.

It’s All About Obama

Bwog’s favorite headline generator has stolen the day once again. Barack Obama C’83 lurched ever closer to outing his potential presidential plans today when he announced he was forming an exploratory committee to help decide whether to commit to the role a year’s worth of rumor and speculation has seemingly already assigned him. His official announcement will come on February 10.

Whatever luck he’s had in the court of public opinion, however, hasn’t necessarily followed Obama in the media. After images of Osama bin Laden were broadcast above the headline “Where’s Obama?” on Wolf Blitzer’s program on CNN (a move the network dismissed as a typo, to which an Obama spokesperson noted the distance between the “s” and “b” keys), a Minneapolis TV station broadcasted images of the Illinois senator’s supporters marching while its anchorman detailed a story about a local sex offender.

Miller Madness

It seems CU Arts isn’t the only campus organization seeking to lure students with the most hyperbolic email invites possible. From Miller Theatre’s recent circular on the upcoming Edgard Varèse concert:

“Like tornadoes or vast electrical storms, performances of the music of Edgard Varèse are always landmark occasions.”

Bwog thinks they may have been better off soliciting Music Hum students’ concert reports than evoking deadly natural phenomena.

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Barnard’s radio station is off the air for now, but it plans to come roaring back with new DJs for the spring semester. Think your playlist is too amazing not to share with half of the city? Apply here before the 26th.

More News on Your News Feed

Finally, the Washington Post has ambitions of its own—to dominate Facebook. The venerable WashPo seems to have bought into the note sharing feature completely, adding the capability to directly imput articles from the paper’s website onto your profile. Bwog wonders whether it wants to see that much more of E.J. Dionne, but suspects its rival’s new openness will put some pressure on the semisecluded Times Select…