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  • GS column says:

    @GS column Sorry. I didn’t notice that there were *two* GS op-ed pieces today. I was referring to McGirk’s (redundant) column. As for McMorris — if what he’s written regarding the midterm feedback posted to courseworks, it seems rather unprofessional for the instructor to have gone ahead and made that part of the public feedback. In a sense, there’s no need to chastise an entire school thanks to a few sour apples.

    Select CC and SEAS students are really organizing to stop GS from existing? After they demand Barnard exist completely independent of Columbia along with lobbying to stop the “jewish problem” on campus, do they end with a celebratory circle jerk?

    1. I don't think says:

      @I don't think they want Barnard to “exist completely independent of Columbia”. I think they would much rather it not exist at all.

    2. Wait, says:

      @Wait, You mean the article about peeing or the one extrapolating conspiracies from the pests in McGourty’s STS class?

  • what is says:

    @what is the big deal about Nussbaum? That sounds like every other dorm at Columbia, too.

  • You mean says:

    @You mean You mean Sean McMorris? I saw he did one other editorial on financial aid (I just looked him up), judging from his facebook entry he looks like a New GS fellow traveler

  • not quite says:

    @not quite No. He had a bunch of columns last semester that basically said the exact same thing over and over again (see comment #15). As a GS student that doesn’t seem to fit his terrible little stereotype, it’s rather disappointing. Spec must get a nice laugh out of it though.

  • Sprinkles says:

    @Sprinkles Isn’t every GS column by that guy really just the same old whine about how young ‘uns in CC and SEAS don’t kiss his ass?

    1. I think it's his says:

      @I think it's his I think it’s his first column isn’t it?

  • GS oh god says:

    @GS oh god The GS article was the most unintelligent piece of writing I’ve ever read in my life. Ever.

  • GS says:

    @GS The guy is complaining about GSers in Jack McGourty’s Science and Technology & Society class! I wanted to kill every single fuck-wit who spoke in that class, and the GSers where the absolute worst. Easily the dumbest kids in both schools, where do they hide them during the rest of the year?

    1. you says:

      @you wrote ‘where’ for ‘were’. I think you just lost your case.

      1. Where? says:

        @Where? Where is the problem? Were we to ask where we’re at, we’d have a problem. Now go f yrself

  • 4 again says:

    @4 again Bwog, stop confusing me.

    “Why Can’t We” links to the second page of the op-ed leading me to believe that the article is a 3 paragraph rant.

    I insist that the piece is poorly argued, but the extra stuff in the beginning adds a little bit of context.

  • GSer says:

    @GSer Yeah, most GSers aren’t exactly hurting

  • re: why can't we says:

    @re: why can't we i like his claim that while CC students are all incredibly wealthy and elite, GS students are some kind of underclass. because, yes, the “real world” consists of people who can pay $40,000 a yr to study for a BA at 28. rise up, oppressed wealthy masses over 22!

  • gallup says:

    @gallup for the spec poll, why the heck isn’t there a “no, i don’t need one. i’m 21 or older.” option?

    1. because we're says:

      @because we're not freakin gs students.

  • Which one? says:

    @Which one? The columnist or “why can’t we…”? I thought it was a point-counterpoint

  • ... says:

    @... yeah. the gs op-ed made no sense to me either.

  • oh man says:

    @oh man such a good redesign. omg.

    1. the real world says:

      @the real world shit. yes. a thousand times better than the spec website.

      and the GS op-ed…WTF.

  • error says:

    @error Creative writing, for CC students, is NOT a concentration – it’s a “special program,” which is even more lame.

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