You’re Going Places, Kid

Kudos to Davide Barillari, the creator of The Gates, the borderline salacious student-produced soap opera that we all love to hate (or hate to love). His opus is a finalist in ABC’s SoapU contest, the winner of which gets $20,000 to make a real soap opera. Make sure to vote on the website, too- as of now our homegrown bit of tawdry satire is trailing the leaders by several points- if only because NYU (naturally) has two popular entries. Also, watch the clip from the second episode and commend the actors on their ability to barely contain their laughter during the opening scene where some kid starts convulsing on a Carman dorm room floor after snorting too much coke. Brilliance.

The Lion, the Witch, and the Democrat

The CU Dems have launched a blog full of political commentary and news updates from the blue side of politics. It’s certainly thorough, but in our humble opinion, it needs a little sex appeal. We suggest pictorials of Edwards, Obama, Ted Kennedy, just the hotties. Remember it’s a blog, friends, try to say that word three times without smirking a little.

Young, Rich, and Totally Fucked Up

Many readers were (mildly) scandalized by the Eye’s report from the trenches of investment banking. (We’ll never say i-banking again, we promise.) Bwog can’t help but wonder who “Paul Owen” is, though, and half-hearted stalking attempts have proved futile. But, really, can you blame us for our fascination after all that business about jetting to Puerto Rico, $800 for Flashdancers, etc.? So, “P.O.”, We summon you to proclaim your identity. And, hey, if you ever need another drinking buddy, shoot us an email…

And Most Importantly…

Do you want us to lose? Do you want to see us suffer and crumple under the weight of defeat? You do? Oh, nevermind. Could you vote for us anyways over at PaperTrail? It’d be swell, and voting ends on the 23rd.