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The Velvet Smackdown

kingYeah, we know it’s a little late, but there’s still time to mark the occasion: today was Martin Luther King Day, the actual reason you don’t have to start classes until tomorrow. For Prezbo, the day was perhaps a little more bittersweet. In a statement issued on Friday, he acknowledged the failure of quite a lot of time spent defending King’s vision—a failure otherwise known as Proposition 2, in which Michigan voters banned all forms of affirmative action in November’s election.

Hopefully the next one will stick, Lee.


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  • qwerty says:

    @qwerty “preferential treatment to groups or individuals based on their race, gender, color, ethnicity or national origin for public employment, education or contracting purposes”

  • wow says:

    @wow I can’t believe lee insinuated michigan voters were bigots for voting against AA…way to engage in a constructive debate, free speech guru.

  • mmm2 says:

    @mmm2 Being a free speech advocate doesn’t erase one’s own opinions.

    1. Ding says:

      @Ding well called.

      And while the UMich program was certainly problematic, voting down civil rights is a no-no! This is one of those issues that shouldn’t still be in contention.

  • umm says:

    @umm having an opinion doesn’t entitle you to poor assumptions and malicious tactics. and being against AA certainly doesn’t make one against civil rights. it shouldn’t be that hard to understand why the question of how preferences for one race can ensure either racial or socioeconomic equality in education is controversial, and necessarily “in contention”.

  • AA isn't says:

    @AA isn't a civil right. it’s just an excuse to put unqualified applicants into positions they don’t deserve, so that later they can be flaunted at all those multi-cultur-ethnic “diversity” functions.

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