chinaChinese pride (at right)

This afternoon at 1:00 PM. Lou Dobbs, eat your heart out.

Discoveries of New Burial Plots

For a mere $25,000, you can get buried at Duke. But hurry–already 200 reservations have been made. According to the Chronicle, “the one-and-a-half acre area first opened in response to requests from alumni in the past few decades who wanted to have a final resting place at the University.” Pity, Columnia alumi will have to make do with Manhattanville…

Self-Promotion, Health Promotion

As part of their health promotion program, Go Ask Alice! (the friendly Q&A health website that brought you answers about sexy role plays and tattoo guides) is sponsoring a photo contest only a month away. All Columbia students are eligible to send in photos that will be published on the Ask Alice webpage. And that’s right kids, you’ll get your own photo credit! Deadline: February 23rd.

SIPA, Student Soldiers, and Kitsch

The Morningside Post (Delivering SIPA’s Global and Local Enterprise in their very own blog) brings another point of view to the student-soldier debate with a video produced by SIPA students Caroline Bray and Aaron Ernst. Highlights include varied interviews and kitschy classical (juxtaposed to hard rock macho) music. Just another example of Columbia students’ talent with video equipment!

Raising The Bar

Abe Handler overheard this in the business school library today afternoon: “I feel like everybody and their dog has 100 million dollars. The question is how to go from like here (gestures to his waist) to like here (gestures to his shoulders).”

– YS