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For those of you who rocked Glass House Rocks on Thursday night, perhaps we can admit that, for once, Lerner couldn’t have been put to better purpose.

If you were fortunate enough to show up in the earlier half, food was (for the time being) in great abundance – some of the delights included international treats by the Culinary Society, baklava and falafel (corrected) from the Arab Students Organization, and tasty sausage bits from the Polish Club. The 2010 class councils proved to be better than your loaded neighbors on Halloween, transforming the piano lounge into a Willy Wonka room stocked with sweets through the evening.

The place really got moving, however, a bit after 10 PM, when the fashionably late student body began rushing in for the evening’s events. Meanwhile, improv and a capella groups provided entertainment throughout the night. Several student organizations took to the sides in carnival style, with various distractions including Dance Dance Revolution, ballroom dancing lessons, and poker tournaments.

The much-anticipated half-time show was a hit as usual, drawing the crowd with a spectrum of campus dance groups performing in a well-executed program that nearly
ghr2k7shattered the ramps. When all else simmered down, remaining students dispersed between multiple dance parties and the lower-key amusements (if you can call large-screen Guitar Hero in the cinema low-key). The evening was, of course, complete with its quirky characters. Visitors included our endearingly-named mascot, a constantly reappearing Christmas elf, and the King of Rock’n’Roll himself. Any possible explanation for the elf is greatly appreciated.

Photos and commentary on the madness after the jump.




Circa 10 PM – Packing the house, as the crowd files in.


A MUN’er demonstrates “Eat the World,” a game in which prizes included free food and condoms. How about that, Fox News?


Human Whack-A-Mole, brought to you by the Columbia Japan Society.


CU Dems got politically groovin’ with a mock gay wedding reception in the Satow Room.


Gaming in the Sports Arena, AKA Roone Arledge Auditorium.


Bet they didn’t bring this into the house for your cousin’s bar mitzvah.


Dancers stomping the Lerner ramps in the half-time show.

PS: the DJ definitely said, “Peace to the Middle East!” after Bhangra’s performance.


Guitar Hero on the Roone Arledge Cinema screen.

At the time of the photograph, the following was witnessed:

Guy to friend: “Dude, what if there’s Halo!?”

Both gasp, turn to each other and stare wide-eyed, then rush to the auditorium with sheer teenage excitement. For the record, Halo was indeed present.

Clear ’em out folks!

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  1. incorrect as usual  

    arab students organization? get your fucking facts right. zamana and ahimsa gave out samosas (separately), not the arab students organization.

    • Josh  

      Give the Bwog a break. It's a simple mistake. And for the record, Arab cuisine also has samosas ("samboosas"). Fried dough with filling isn't that novel of an idea.

      So take a chill pill...Or a sam(bo)osa.

      • actually...  

        samboosa or sambusa are found in east africa as well. but this is simply because of indian trade routes stretching across the region...in actuality, sambusa and samboosa are derivatives of indian samosa

  2. oh come on  

    there was a big sign behind a table with samosas on the first ramp that read "ARAB STUDENTS ORGANIZATION" in big bright lettering. they were also writing names down in arabic.

  3. not only  

    was there and elf but there were a santa and a grinch too....

  4. Sprinkles

    Punjab is the Middle East now?

  5. why didnt  

    onyx perform?

  6. senior  

    never understood the hype.

  7. nono  

    i enjoy the new "dance parties" tag.

  8. ...

    i'm still unsure as to what the hell i was exposed to for no more than ten minutes at lerner hall last night.

    it was weird, and quite bad. perhaps fit for someone a bit younger?

  9. see...  

    This is what Lerner Hall should be like each and every weekend. Or at least it could be in terms of attendance if it weren't for one thing: alcohol is illegal below age 21. Student centers in other countries are filled at the weekend because they're able to have bars inside.

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