Harvard Steps Into Columbia Core-Revising Shoes, Does A Tap Dance In Them For The Cameras

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“Harvard introduces Major Cultures requirment, new Core Classes. World breathlessly applauds Harvard for trailblazing. Columbia yawns, wonders what the big deal (asks self why Harvard always gets the press and credit?)” – writes one anonymous tipster, who discovered this article on CNN’s website.

According to the article, “the university is also expected to soon announce a new president to steer the changes.” It is no surprise, then, that Bollinger made the short list of Harvard’s presidential candidates, as they probably wanted somebody with Core experience.

The proposal has not been voted in yet, but is sure to generate major headlines again when it passes. It includes “eight new required subject areas” which are not described in detail, and, in some mysterious way, “plagiarism is also addressed,” but “limelight plagiarism” does not appear to be.  On the plus side for Harvard, they do have an innovative idea of how to introduce science into their core curriculum: with actual science classes.

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  1. well  

    after the string of plagiarism scandals, is it really a surprise that originality and harvard are like oil and water?

  2. this shit  

    pisses me off so much. This is almost as bad as when US News and World Report reported that Boredat was started by a Harvard student. Fuckers.

    • its reflex

      'Harvard' adds instant Cachet. In the same article quoting two academics, one was described as "Harvard professor of blah", the other was just a nobel winning economist. He happened to be Joseph Stiglitz, a Columbia professor. Columbia got no mention.

      It happens. We're not in YHP's league.

  3. also

    with these kinds of things, Y and P often find they aren't in H's league either.

    Harvard truly has a monopoly on attention.

  4. Wtf  

    I came here for the core...if other schools start adding cores I'm going to be very, very disappointed.

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