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faustIn the latest news from the rest of the Ivy League, Harvard plans on naming Drew Gilpin Faust as its next president, according to the New York Times and Harvard Crimson (and most definitely not to a hoax email).

If Harvard’s Board of Overseers gives her full approval as expected, Faust, who is currently Dean of the Radcliffe Institute of Advanced Study at the university, will be the first female president at Harvard in the school’s 371-year history. In the meantime, Bwog finds it unnecessary to make any clever references to German folklore, since they’ve all probably been used within the last 24 hours (although admittedly, President Faust is a pretty damn awesome title).

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  1. puns  

    a faustian bargain.

    (the fact that i enjoy stupid things like this probably explains why i'm not at harvard.)

  2. she  

    looks like a man. i wouldnt hit that

  3. lol  

    lol, political correctness

  4. wirc  

    I'm sure that you can make jokes, however, about the fact that "faust" means "fist" in German.

  5. a woman  

    president? I thoguht harvard at least wouldn't cave to this pc idea that women can be leaders too. I mean, what guy would follow a bitch? Unless she's giving him pussy or something.

  6. well  

    it doesn't matter whether the candidate is female or male. faust still satisfied the actual requirement of having to look like a man.

  7. wow  

    people are awful.

    has anyone stopped to think about her qualifications? maybe, just maybe, she has some applicable and commendable skills. skills that don't involve her looks or larry summers' sexism.

    • actually

      plenty of commentators have stopped to think about her qualifications. and many have found her lacking.

      Serving as a history professor and than director of an institute in no way prepares one for leading a massive institution such as Harvard, least of all one rife with factionalism and a very independent minded faculty.

      This could be very good for Columbia.

  8. Anonymous  

    Re #12: Come on, guys. I won't say "This isn't what anonymity is for," because that's not particularly accurate, but I think it *is* fair to say something to the effect of "This is what anonymity on 4chan/slashdot/ytmnd is for."

  9. this is disgusting  

    people always try to convince me that sexism is dead. and here is this brilliant woman who has risen to a powerful position, and all you assholes can do is comment on her appearance. fabulous.

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