Bwog Personals: You Don’t Have to be Alone on Valentine’s Edition

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Already depressed about tomorrow? Bwog has personals that might rescue your self-esteem. If you think that you’re a match for either of these two, tell us at bwgossip@columbia.edu.  If we agree, we’ll shell out $5 for a date. And remember: if you become a Personal, there’s an even better chance we can help make your dreams come true!  Send us an electronic message at any hour of the day.


Girl for Guy Woman for ?

Name: Anna Corke

Year: 2009

School: Columbia College

Intended major: Environmental Biology

Hometown: Bainbridge Island, WA

Best Book You’ve Read for Class: If Not, Winter by Sappho, trans. by Anne


Worst Book You’ve Read for Class: The general chemistry textbook really


Most shameful thing you’ve ever done to procrastinate: Practiced shaking my

ass in front of the mirror.

Drink of choice: Water

What are your most played songs on iTunes? I’ll have to make this up since I

don’t have a computer. They would probably be “Pobre Diablo” by Don Omar,

“Fantasma” by Zion and “Down” by Rakim y Ken-Y

What do you wish were your most played songs on iTunes? The same.

Favorite Morningside Heights Meal: Pisticci’s penne with fresh mozzarella

and yellow and red tomatoes…the next best is anything from Noches Mexicanas

The title of your memoir: “Confessions”

Dream date, 5 words or fewer: Embarrassingly long bouts of laughter

Stewart or Colbert? Neither.

Finance and consulting: three bullet points, one opinion.

– Finance: Don’t go to private high school, ivy league college, and then

med. school.

– Consult: When in doubt, step on it!

– Opinion: My friends and I think that it would be really creepy/awesome if

during sex a guy were to suavely lean over to his cd player and turn on the

Darth Vader theme. Um…yeah.


Name: Lucy

Year: 2010

School: Columbia College

Intended major: Getting by

Hometown: Rockland, NY

Best Book You’ve Read for Class: Dante’s Inferno

Worst Book You’ve Read for Class: Most of the Chinese philosophers I’ve studied in my East Asian Major Texts class have been major downers, so much for finding my inner rice queen.

Most shameful thing you’ve ever done to procrastinate: Does going to a gay bar on a Wednesday night count? Princeton rub? JJ’s? Trolling Cragislist m4m? Clam joust? Box in a Box? I don’t know, I don’t have much shame.

Drink of choice: Free. Though if life were an open bar: Royale Rose champagne.

What are your most played songs on iTunes?

Melissa Etheridge- “Come to My Window”

Two Nice Girls- “I Spent My last $10.00 (On Birth Control and Beer)”

The Pretenders- “Brass in Pocket”

What do you wish were your most played songs on iTunes?

GENERIC INDIE ROCK…Maybe if I listened to Dave Matthews or O.A.R., more boys will like me.

Favorite Morningside Heights Meal: I’m no gourmand. It’s a tie between the free wine at Columbia Cottage and the orange chicken at Ollie’s.

The title of your memoir: “Life Through Slanted Eyes: My Story”

Dream date, 5 words or fewer: free drink? Singlefare metrocard.

Stewart or Colbert? Chuck from Strangers with Candy.

Finance and consulting: three bullet points, one opinion.




Sugar daddies?

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  1. qvc  

    pisticci's...not bad

  2. sigh

    anna, you're awesome. too bad i can only look from afar

  3. rheubenix  

    Anna is my dreamgirl!!!!


  4. sigh  

    anna is unattractive so as her friend I too feel compelled to feign interest in her

    • dude  

      you're sort of undoing your work feining interest in her by posting that she's unnatractive on a blog that a lot of people read. if you're a dude, why are you acting like a backstabbing bitch? if you're a chick, are you just pissed that people woudl rather do her than you because they know you're a bitch?

  5. I think  

    she's really cute. and she's a redhead from the pacific northwest. I mean, come on.

  6. wait  

    as a naive country boy, i have to ask...lucy's a guy right?

  7. I for one...

    ...respect any girl willing to put herself out there on Bwog, whether it be truly to gain a date, or for the general scrutiny and possible disdain of her peers.

  8. cello fetishist  

    I hear Anna likes to play the cello.


  9. Melon expert  

    Anna reminds me of a luscious melon, freshly picked from the vine on a hot summer's day.

  10. dumpling!  

    both girls are terribly cute!

  11. Anna. . .  

    rocks my world. She can shake her ass in front of me anytime.

  12. Ca$H  

    Dear Anna:
    How can i live without you
    i only think about you
    i know you're tired of being lonely
    so baby girl put it on me
    lies ain't lies, wash away all the tears
    there'll be no more cries babyyyy
    and you complete me,
    and i would die if you ain't with me
    so baby girl put it on me,

    who's gonna console me?
    my looooooove
    i'm outta control ho!
    my looooove
    cuz i'm yours
    and i don't wanna do nothin' to hurt my baby girl if this was our world
    gimme all yours baaaabbby
    the thought alone might break me
    and i don't wanna go crazy
    so baby girl put it on me

  13. ugh  

    art-hipsters are so passe. get over it.

  14. note!  

    anna is in the most mommed-out clothing/pose/hairstyle ever, and her hotness is still all "ungh, i'm here, party starts now, boo-yowza." i wanna dance in front of my mirror while she dances in front of her mirror in the next room until our mind-boners tear the wall apart.

  15. God  

    I have foreseen it in my infinite, eternal wisdom and goodness that Anna Corke will meet her perfect match on BWOG. I have known this ever since I created man, and along with man, woman--yes, to be his helper, but also to tempt him to eat the fruit that would eventually lead to his shame, mortality, and misery--and along with his misery, sex, lots of wonderful sex. You may think that you have some free will in the matter, but you don't. Yes, this message is for you, Mr. Curious, who is reading through these posts and thinking, "Hmmm, maybe I should email the editors, maybe I shouldn't." So go on, Mr. Curious, email the editors. It is my will, the will of God.

  16. secret admirer  

    Ahhhh! Anna, you kill me softly.... I could spend days gazing into your eyes... getting butterflies in my stomach at your sharp, witty and provocative comments about Kant and Rousseau... I get so distracted by your sensual smell, the way you move your lips, the way you take notes. All I want to do is lie tangent to your curves.

  17. shira  

    I think I heard the Darth Vader story... brilliant.

  18. haha  

    face on the girl in the background of lucy's photo = priceless.

  19. Cupid  

    Wait...so who's that one in Anna's picture who we can only see part of...I'm smitten.

    Will you be my Valentine?

  20. if a date with anna  

    is as boring and stupid as reading "cooking with bwog", i think that i'd rather stay single this valentine's day...

  21. enough  

    about anna, lucy is pretty cute too.

  22. wow  

    Anna sure does have a lot of friends that read BWOG. Kind of reminds me of a highschool yearbook staff.

  23. yourface  

    actually, it's "pobre DIABLA"

  24. asdf  

    still, this girl is up on her reggaeton. i like it.

  25. SLC  

    I took that amazing picture. Love you Lucyyy.

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