Quickspec: There Is Snow Which I Enjoy Edition (also it is Valentine’s Day)

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  1. Spec Staff  

    Chas' online column is now an accurate reflection of the print edition.


  2. Shira  

    David Helfand is such a badass.

  3. It's Green!  

    The reason why club sports don't get gym credit is right in the article: club sports aren't always supervised by an employee of Athletics. The PE department isn't dumb; they know even club leaders will fudge attendance records for their friends to get PE credits.

    This is something that club sports has been trying to get for years and years, but it'll be a cold day in hell before Athletics gives CS a break in any regard.

  4. I don't  

    want to read about Calvin Sun getting laid after a chocolate binge. Matter of fact, I don't want to read about him getting laid AT ALL.

    And the Boston article wasn't a surprise either. It's a fact of nature that the smallest dogs bark the loudest. However, I disagree with the claim that the NYPD would laugh at someone who claimed to see terrorists. If anyone's been following the news for the last few weeks, you ought to know just how trigger happy our coppers are.

  5. Hahahahaha

    "In another show of love, one Columbia College junior, who declined to be named so as not to spoil the surprise for his girlfriend, is booking a boat to cruise along the Hudson River and soak in the best possible views of the Manhattan skyline for his Valentine's date."

    Yep, good luck with that TODAY!

    And Re: Calvin Sun's comment, "If, at the moment, you're too lazy to do anything, that speaks volumes about how you feel about that person." Sorry, but doesn't your saying that speak volumes about how much you've been corrupted to think that you need to empty out your bank account on Valentine's Day to convince your significant other of your love?

    What a stupid article. O rather, not the article; just every single person in it.

  6. erasmus  

    I don't know exactly how this relates to the Valentine's Day Calvin Sun comment, but if I ever had to fuck a man in the ass, I would prefer it if that man were asian.

    Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!

  7. dear spec  

    chas's article cuts off halfway through a sentence both in the print and online versions.

    "And look, maybe this"

    maybe this what? maybe this year the yankees will win the world series?

    maybe this plot point in "Lost" is fully explained in the rest of this article?

    maybe this article goes somewhere?

  8. Calvin  

    Sun is a HUUUUGE tool. best quote: "Sun said that he had a variety of other small surprises arranged for Choi throughout the day. His plan for the end of Valentine's Day, however, will contain no surprises. As Sun said, "I'm going to say, 'Your room or mine?'"

    she'd better dump him.

  9. UGH  

    I'm sick and tired of the online version of the Spectator using hyphens instead of em-dashes. It disrupts the flow of the piece and always catches me off guard. For instance, there's no distinction between "fearing an instant prescription for some serotonin-slathered horse pill" and "There's a possible way to help that out-talk to someone". How does one out-talk to someone?

  10. Calvin  

    Thanks for all the cynicism! Whoever you are, we can meet up and see if you could tell me all that to my face.


  11. Friend of the sun  


    Calvin is a nice guy if you actually tried to get to know him. Most of you people are probably jealous that tonight you'll be snuggling up with your mouse.

    Stop thinking about what other people do and focus on your own life. I'm gonna go back to doing that now.

  12. helfand  

    told me more or less the exact same thing a year ago when i went to their "frontiers of science feedback session". he doesn't care about how the majority of the freshman class actually feels about the course because it's his baby. he just arranges for these meetings and filters comments for the ego-boosting ones that say how indebted they are to him for teaching them basic math skills.

  13. helfand  

    is a douchebag.

    calvin is alright.

  14. I'm sure  

    Calvin is a wonderful person with his friends. But the mark of a person is not what his friends think of him, but what impression he leaves on people who don't know him well. Your friends HAVE to like you, that's why they're your FRIENDS. I for one, know that strangers don't regard me as a complete douchebag, because I don't behave in a way to condone such feelings. Calvin on the other hand, has clearly done more than his share of work to have people who have never even talked to him consider him a total douche.

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