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Other quirks in recent news, for your Friday pleasure.

  • The strike is not the only thing that has put Columbia in the news lately. According to Bwog reader James Downie, the rugby team’s planned visit to Trinidad and Tobago is also newsworthy, or at least for this Tobago publication.  The writer even refers to our athletes as “the prestigious Ivy League team, Columbus.”There must be a journalistic lesson in this for all of us.
  • In the latest exceptional CCSC ’09 email, class president George Krebs gives college sophomores the first heads-up: Flex Off Campus may actually happen, starting in Spring 2008. “After years of epic struggle with the administration to move the simplicity of Flex to the more delicious realm of the area of establishments, we’ve finally made great headway,” he writes. The idea of a late-night HamDel fix via ID swipe is enticing! Nevertheless, we’ll believe it once we see it.Krebs also notes that in the nearer future, we’ll be able to make do the community some good with our Columbia Cards too. Thanks to CCSC ’09 efforts, within the next two weeks students will be able to donate change–or any amount–in Dining Dollars/Flex charges to the Jackie Robinson Youth Center in West Harlem. Charities receiving the proceeds will rotate each semester.

    Naturally, Krebs closes his email in bureaucratically trendy Youtube style – or, perhaps more appropriately, “Big Willy Style.

  • Do you know who set off that fire alarm in the middle of your English class yesterday? According to the previously QuickSpec’d article on the protest, the group behind it has quite the name:“As the strike began, fire alarms went off in Butler Library, Lerner Hall, Hamilton Hall, and Kent Hall, forcing an evacuation of the buildings and an investigation by the New York Fire Department. Later, a group calling itself the Union of Students Advocating for the Preservation of Tedious Paperwork claimed responsibility for the fire alarms in a statement delivered anonymously to Spectator, which called the protest “symbolic, harmless, [and] permissible” and called the strike’s organizers “aspiring bureaucrats.”

    “We pulled fire alarms on campus to disrupt the scripting of both activism and student life,” the statement said. “No one should be willing to sit idly in the face of war, nor should they be willing to act as mere extras in a farcical theatre of resistance.”

    At this point, further commentary seems unnecessary.

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  1. Po-po  

    Uh, how'd you manage to put half the modifier in front of the subject and the other half behind it?

    "Receiving charities the proceeds will rotate each semester."

  2. Huh.  

    Well I'm floored. "Union of Students Advocating for the Preservation of Tedious Paperwork"?? This is crazily reminiscent of that "lightbulb" joke that until now I thought was just on the list of smalltalk that orientation tour guides were supposed to spout to us.

  3. Sprinkles

    UNION NOW!!!

    ...Oh, wait.

  4. flex off campus  

    was in the works way before george krebs even joined student council

  5. gk

    true, but the timeline and a comprehensive plan were not.

  6. watcher  

    It's nice to see George Krebs taking credit on something that he's done nothing for just in advance of his election campaign.
    Lisa Hogarty and the Trustees have been working on this forr four years.

  7. moph

    repeat after me, everyone: we can't use our flex cards off-campus until social security numbers are not on the flex card. four years ago, columbia started a four year, multi-million dollar project to get the number of the cards. since cuid cards are used in a number of different legacy systems, that's a hard process. once it's done, it can get set up. George taking credit for anything to do with this is like wayne, or mik, or novi or I taking credit for it. at best, we talked about it with Lisa Hogarty.

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