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Slight Factual Error

Gawker, whose staff apparently checks all the Columbia news websites every ten minutes for changes, is muscling onto Bwog’s turf a little bit this afternoon. Namely, catching Spec with its pants down with the following correction tucked at the bottom of yesterday’s caustic anti-Tibet editorial: CORRECTION: This submission misstates that one Dalai Lama admitted to […]

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The Gawker Debacle

Bwog is a simple website. We like hawks and free coffee and pictures of babies in snow. But this morning Bwog was thrust into the unflattering spotlight of the New York media thanks to a fact-checking-averse ex-Speccie with a Gawker byline. You can read the post here. The story has inexplicably gained some momentum, and […]

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In Other News

Other quirks in recent news, for your Friday pleasure. The strike is not the only thing that has put Columbia in the news lately. According to Bwog reader James Downie, the rugby team’s planned visit to Trinidad and Tobago is also newsworthy, or at least for this Tobago publication.  The writer even refers to our […]

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