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SOSTwo Bwoggers sent in this photo of the mysterious (and large) SOS in the South Lawn snow, taken earlier today from the 7th floor of Hamilton. What could have possibly caused someone to create the massive distress signal? Could it have been due to some late-night shipwreck, leaving the castaways no option but to carve the gigantic rescue call onto the lawn and await rescue? Was it, perhaps, merely crafted of drunken freshmen unable to swagger back to their dorms? You decide.

Now, while you ponder on that mystery….


CC student: Freshmen have so many classes here.

SEAS student: CC freshmen have a lot of classes here.

CC: Smart freshmen have a lot of classes here.

SEAS: Freshmen who won’t have jobs after they graduate.

CC: Freshmen who don’t have asthma.

SEAS: Freshmen who have sticks up their asses.

CC: Well, it cures the asthma.

Thanks to Ashley Nin and Steven Thomas for their keen eyes and ears.

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  1. snow writing  

    was Rihanna's street team. she had a concert at Pinnacle this afternoon

  2. but  

    one row is not enough! you need THREE rows! THREE rows so that the planes up there can see us!

  3. haha  

    the sos is FUNNY! the freshman overheard, not so much... who cares about freshmen anyways?!

  4. firstyears  

    Turns out you can't call them freshmen...has to be "first years". apparently it's sexist. Susan B. Anthony would be proud.

  5. umm  

    if these freshman, nay, first years, couldnt swagger back to their dorms, oh bwog, i highly doubt that they would be able to carefully orchestrate sketching a humongous SOS...

  6. honestly  

    we're freshpeople.

  7. AHHH SHIT  

    I could have had my name up on the Bwog. I saw this SOS days ago and I have a way better view from my dorm, but every time I submit something to the Bwog it either doesn't show up or I don't get credited. :(

  8. alanbrinkley

    I'd say SOS is a reference to IRAQ and perhaps our current president. Just a guess. It might also have to do with the possibility that September 11th was created by and for the aforementioned elements.

  9. it's sad  

    that no one caught the LOST reference in #3.

  10. doomsayer  

    that SOS clamours in my soul too, get me outta here

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