QuickSpec: “But Baby It’s Cold Outside!” Edition

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  1. 300 sounds high

    Does the story mention how this estimate was arrived at?

  2. 300  

    I think that includes the people that evacuated the buildings for the fire alarms. Or maybe they counted all the passer-bys that listened for more than 30 seconds.

  3. at least

    we can applaud Spec's multimedia unit. great video!

  4. no no

    Public safety said 300.

    But check this out:

    Later, a group calling itself the Union of Students Advocating for the Preservation of Tedious Paperwork claimed responsibility for the fire alarms in a statement delivered anonymously to Spectator, which called the protest "symbolic, harmless, [and] permissible" and called the strike's organizers "aspiring bureaucrats."

    "We pulled fire alarms on campus to disrupt the scripting of both activism and student life," the statement said. "No one should be willing to sit idly in the face of war, nor should they be willing to act as mere extras in a farcical theatre of resistance."

  5. pms  

    in regards to the v-show article, i am always surprised when i see what rob trump can do.

  6. GAY  

    What's with the gay writers posting gay posts to each gay other? That's gay.

  7. dennis fidrych  

    Describe the color of the former post in one lowercase word. PINK. GAY PINK. My favorite v-show writers are straight.

  8. wow

    I just read the Iran editorial. that kid should be ashamed to have written such an awfully argued and hackneyed editorial. and BWOG should be ashamed for having linked to it. the kid is unthinkingly spouting back talking points in a manner that defies logic and basic common sense.

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