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sdfWell, things on CCSC are shaking out a little differently than we predicted a few weeks ago. With the filing deadline coming up tomorrow at 8:59 PM, here’s where we stand:

IN – CC ’08 vice president Michelle Diamond. Sighted in Lerner this afternoon taking campaign photos with her ticket.

OUT – CC ’09 President George Krebs, who has decided to stick with class council for at least another year.

OUT -Dems VP Josh Lipsky, who couldn’t pull together a ticket after asking around (including former CC ’09 President and Bwog staffer Jessica Cohen) and has decided to stay with the Democrats.

UPDATE, 10:40 PM: Lipsky clarified with the following information: late last week, he was encouraged to run for CCSC President by ABC President Keith Hernandez and ESC President Dan Okin.  He considered the idea, and found three out of the four other members of his ticket. Ultimately, however, “It was a move I wasn’t ready to make,” Lipsky wrote in an e-mail. “I started with the Democrats by being elected as a freshman representative during my first week at Columbia and I truly want to finish my time at Columbia by becoming President of the Dems next year (a primary year no less!).”

OUT – GOP president Chris Kulawik, who reportedly flirted with the idea but could also not find a satisfactory ticket. He had some good ideas in his column the other week–perhaps preparing for a run–that other candidates would be wise to look over. Especially the “bumbling mass of bureacracy” bit.

and, the big news…

POTENTIALLY IN – Dark horse sophomore Will Snider, formerly of the Varsity show, who’s spent the year writing, directing, and acting in plays. He’s working on pulling together a ticket (anyone want to be on CCSC?). As far as Bwog knows, he’s the only guy standing in between us and a really boring race. Which isn’t much fun for anyone, is it?

UPDATE, 6:18 PM: Another reason for a contested election after the jump.


Sent to SDA administrator Robert Taylor:

From: Mayrath, Natalie [mailto:[email protected]]

Sent: Sunday, February 18, 2007 2:26 PM

To: [email protected]


MTV’s True Life series is looking into doing an episode on running for class president, and I was wondering when your student government elections will be held this year?  How fierce is the competition?  If anyone you know is running and interested in sharing their story, please have them email [email protected].

If you could pass this information along to the students running in elections this year, that would be much appreciated.

Thanks so much,

Natalie Mayrath

MTV News & Documentaries

(212) 654-7340


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  1. hmmm?  

    i do love michelle, so if the race is boring i think i'll deal.. i know she'd do a kick ass job!

  2. michelle  

    is a ditzy skank

    • wtf  

      have you met her? she's actually 1. brilliant and so chill and down to earth that she doesn't flaunt it like some pricks and 2. the least slutty girl I know and she's beautiful, which makes it even more impressive that she's so not trashy

  3. nifty  

    Whoa. interesting.

    michelle and will are both great, but whoever wins will be better from having some competition. seriously, who will work that hard when all they have to do to win is file a form?

    Krebs 2008!

  4. interesting...  

    How did you get a copy of that email?

  5. common sense  

    will snider for god

  6. whoa there!  

    Michelle is great... I don't know wtf #3 is talking about

  7. ,......  

    michelle is way more qualified than will and although i like him, i am convinced this is some kind of a joke. like forreal? no.

  8. Anonymous

    mtv true life tries to get its hands into everything around new york city. even my friend's highschool brother was approached about pitching an episode.

    not surprisingly, they are looking at columbia because there are some folks from cu working as interns and full-time on production of that show.

  9. hey  

    what about felipe tarud?

  10. uh no  

    what about him? all he does it talk. he'd be awful on eboard.

  11. voter  

    There has been a lot of talk about Michelle possibly running uncontested. While people want drama - which is kind of sick but that's besides the point - it shows a lot about her that noone is willing to step up and run against her. It just shows that everyone has come to a consensus that she's the best person for the job. It is really immature of these seniors that are going out of their way to get someone to run against her ticket just for the sake of having a contested election. If someone else genuinely feels they are the best person for the job - they should run; if not, All Hail President Diamond!

    • the fact that  

      nobody wants to run against michelle diamond doesn't show that everybody already thinks she's the best person for the job. do any of you political prognosticators really think most students even know who all these people are, let alone what their respective student-government accomplishments might be?

      all the student government organizations, taken together with the people who follow them closely enough to make predictions about these races, make up a self-selecting and basically insular group. the insiders all care about the elections; they wouldn't be involved otherwise. apparently they assume that everybody else is just as interested.

      but most people, i suggest, are only marginally aware of this stuff. they (we) basically assume that one ambitious overachieving politician is as good as another. or, maybe there's a difference, but not one big enough to make closely following campus politics worthwhile. after all, the candidates are drawn from a pretty narrow pool: they're likely to have a lot more in common than they do to set them apart.

      and this indifference isn't even a real problem: as long as the insiders are paying attention to the elections, they can raise a stink about anything really dire. that way the rest of us can avoid the boredom of following the political squabbling of a bunch of ambitious would-be power brokers.

  12. anonymous coward  

    I love how Lipsky puts the fact that he was encouraged by three people into his email when he only directly spoke to one of those Seniors. It is a little disturbing, for me, to watch him use those individuals to further his own political 'clout' as a member of the school. When someone like he expresses interest to run and people will give him advice (such as those 3 Seniors) which he then later spins to being them encouraging him to run, it makes me happy to see someone like Michelle run who is above that political bull shit.

  13. NOTICE  

    Wanted by seniors:

    Person with a pulse.

  14. boo  

    to be perfectly honest, it's not a matter of whether or not michelle is a good candidate. the fact of the matter is, there's no one that's great for the job. it's almost a default situation where she was the only person to get a ticket together. basically, look forward to a pretty bland election and ccsc year... flaxman should stay another year and grace us with his emails.

  15. Lipsky lover  

    I read Lipsky's email to Bwog about this issue and he never mentioned anyone by name... where is this other information coming from, Bwog?

  16. please don't  

    post stuff that creates drama if it's not true... what's the deal bwog??

  17. nostalgia  

    all this council drama makes me miss high school. at least there everyone admitted that it was all about personality politics.

  18. not one

    but two corrections. nice reporting, bwog.

  19. Will Snider  

    is a major tool. He can't write good plays either.

  20. FAO  

    I think if we can agree on one thing it is that Watson House will likely decide the winner of this election.

  21. watchdog  

    So who are the candidates!? The world wants to know.

  22. true that  

    bwog, who is running (now that the filing deadline has passed)? What will be the "hot" election to follow this year?

  23. WTF  

    Holy mother of god it's a four party exec board race!

    One Columbia - Pres: Michelle Diamond
    Revolve - Pres: Shoshana Schwartz
    RebelCC - Pres: Tracy Chung
    Voice - Pres: Natali Segovia

    Now someone tell me who the fuck these people are.

  24. WTF again  

    also, really psyched that Eric Wang is back in the Senate race. With 8 candidates gunning for 2 slots it'll be an interesting one.

    Student Servies is uncontested. Meh.

    Class of 08 and 09 councils uncontested. Meh again. It'll be interesting what that does for turnout.

  25. Diamond is in Demand  

    Now at least I know the name of the party I'm voting for.


    • who  

      are these weird michelle diamond cheerleaders? is it just her friends, or strangers? which of those possibilities is sadder?

      • who cares?  

        Hostile much? Why does it matter who likes or doesn't like Michelle Diamond?

        This race isn't about Michelle, it's about the role of the student council. She'll get the chance to talk to the students just as the other candidates do. And they'll decide if One Columbia is the right party for the job.

  26. seriously  

    i am totally baffled by these people who are so impressed with the seriousness of student government races. am i missing something here?

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