Watch Yo’ Back, CULPA

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culpaAt last night’s CCSC meeting, a proposal to work towards a centralized course evaluation system was passed unanimously. Academic Affairs Representative Alidad Damooei ’09, who co-wrote the proposal with Class of 2008 President Neda Navab, has been meeting with the Office of the Vice President for Arts and Sciences to come up with a uniform set of questions (ideally five or six) that can be published in an easy accessible format, similar to that of SEAS or other Ivy League schools. CCSC now plans to work with the Vice President for Arts and Sciences, Ann McDermott (with whom Damooei has been meeting recently) to come up with such a system, and to test questions through small focus groups.

If the system gets off the ground, only time will tell if any of the “official” published evaluations will ever assume the delightfully vulgar tone of moral outrage that the best negative CULPA reviews have to offer.



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  1. cc09  

    Isn't the VP for Arts and Sciences Nicholas Dirks?

  2. jbw  

    I'm curious, does anyone at Columbia actually know about the seas oracle? Does anyone actually use it?


  3. oracle  

    yeah, although oracle isn't that useful, i've been filling it out for years in hopes of winning an ipod and getting my picture taken with zvi.

    plus zvi's reminder emails are typically hilarious.

  4. Columbian  

    The Econ Dept has something like this on their website, except longer and more comprehensive. It's in some ways more effective than culpa because basically everyone fills out the evaluations, where as culpa generally appeals to those with really strong views one way or another.

  5. John  

    Last time I checked, we all fill out standard evaluations already. Would it be too much trouble to follow in JHU's footsteps and compile a guide from those?

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