1. wait, bwog  

    Spec's ccsc article is a bit different from bwog's.

    The rest are so good! Good morning bwog!

  2. alum-inum

    The Spec needs to put a little more space between the lines of text...I think it's called "leading" in typographical circles. Right now, it's not very readable or aesthetically pleasing. Hopefully someone can pass this along.

  3. haha

    the barnard article headline is pure GOLD. well done.

  4. two more  

    ...antiwar op-eds in the spec, and still nothing about Israel Apartheid Week. I'm shocked on both counts: 1) you'd almost think this campus was, like, not apathetic, and 2) you'd almost think there was some kind of shortage of ultra-zionist first years ready to spout off incoherently at any excuse (where's this guy? http://media.www.columbiaspectator.com/media/storage/paper865/news/2007/01/30/Opinion/Unseen.Israel.A.Response-2684606.shtml)

  5. Sprinkles  

    You don't have to be ultra-Zionist to see the absurdity of "Israel Apartheid Week." I'm still waiting for that Saudi Arabia Apartheid week...

    Oh, and Professor Dalton is awesome, as a person in general.

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