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Bwog coffee-reviewer Downing Bray takes you off campus for a caffeine jolt.

If the idea of setting foot into Butler sends you chills worse than the sub-zero wind chill temperatures of late, and your idea of getting off campus to study entails venturing beyond a 10-block radius from Columbia, you might just want to think about Think, a lively little coffee shop in the Village. True, it’s in the heart of NYU territory and practically overrun by its students, but it is, in my experience of NYC coffee-shop exploration, one of the best. It prides itself on being environmentally-friendly, serving only Fair Trade, organic and shade grown coffee and tea and local milk, and encourages environmental awareness to its customers (hence the name ‘think’).

In addition to serving coffee that makes you and your taste buds feel good, Think has atmosphere. At the entrance are several bar stools and tables looking out onto the street while in the spacious interior there are ample tables, comfy couches and armchairs, outlets to plug in your computers, and lamps for your lighting needs. It’s a popular place so you might encounter trouble getting a seat, and if you can’t handle conversation this is certainly not the place for you; plus the music is on the louder side. But if you like a lively yet under-control atmosphere, this place is ideal, and it’s open everyday until midnight.

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  1. Hmm  

    What exactly is shade-grown coffee? Why is it good? Some bwogger must know. Thanks.

  2. listen to  

    listen to the notorious xavier (Shabeeyay) lecture and fair trade might start to make you feel guilty

  3. shira  

    I like think, but it's been sooo crowded the past few times I've gone that I'm kind of wary of going there now. There are other places I like better, anyway (also places that are open later).

  4. coffee zombie  

    The coffee is quite good, and the sweets are generally tasty (if they don't always have the biggest selection). It's certainly worth a look if you're in the area, but its not worth the pilgrimmage if all you want is a cup of coffee. By all means go if you have an afternoon to spend out and about.

  5. always  

    ridiculously crowded. go with a back-up plan.
    i propose we get a gaggle of cu students together to go down to think on scrabble nights (thursdays??) and kick some nyu ass.

  6. Zach  

    I like Think a lot, because there's free wireless. When I didn't have a connection, I pretty much spent 90 hours a week here...

  7. I get  

    my entire coffee shop in pill form. Nodoz! 4 pills at a time keeps me up as long as I want.

  8. the  

    spanish latte is really good.

  9. sam

    and they do a really decent wine and cheese selection after 6 pm.

  10. address?  

    I'm in the village a lot, but avoid the NYUy part. where is this place exactly?

  11. apow  

    3rd/4th and mercer.

  12. Downing Gray

    is a very cool name, my congrats to your folks

  13. actually  

    think coffee sucks. they burn their espresso, don't put enough milk in their lattes, have terrible desserts, and the place looks like a fucking cafeteria. plus, they are either understaffed or lazy, because by the end of the day, all the chairs are disorganized, and the place has the ambience of a filthy dorm room.

  14. outraged.  

    i dont get why there is a post devoted to a random coffee shop in nyc. there are so many coffee shops that are really cute. you didnt find a winner. and why would i go all the way downtown to do my fucking owrk. sped.

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