Bollywood Comes To Columbia?

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Spiderman and Scarlett Johansson are not the only ones to have visited the CU steps for some film shots — Bwog Editor Chris Szabla came across this clip from the Indian film Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna (Never Say Goodbye in English), which was released last August.


The Columbia scene kicks in at about 50 seconds in. What’s particularly impressive, however, is how they’ve managed to get all passers-by in the scene to wear light blue (although it seems like more of a dazzling sapphire than the typical Columbia shade). The film has also won 11 Global Indian Film awards in 2006, in case you were curious.

Now this is what we call globalization!

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  1. damn it  

    Holy shit, I didn't realize I was being filmed

  2. extras

    i remember when they were filming it that there were a lot of extras, hence the blue coats... one of the people on the plaza said that guy is like the "king of bollywood" or something

  3. mlp  

    That's so cool. How did I miss them filming that?

  4. frumph  

    Woah. I like our school colors, but it'd be downright creepy if everyone wore that much blue.

  5. sweet  

    holy shit! i was IN that movie, and never checked it out. I'm an extra cheering on a kid's soccer game. It was cold and way the hell downtown.

  6. hah, sweet?  

    I guess I'll recognize you by your lightersaber-blue columbia sweatshirt on college walk

  7. *cringe*  

    Shah Rukh: "Do you like blue?"
    *she cries*
    Rani: "Yes, I like blue."
    Sooooo cheesy.

  8. plot  

    what is the movie about? has any one seen it?

  9. Girlie

    They filmed it during Thanksgiving weekend LAST LAST year (2005) - when most people weren't around.

    Synopsis can be found here (official site): http://www3.dharma-production.com/index.aspx

  10. I LIKE BLUE TOO!  

    I want my life to be a New York Bollywood movie...it was have it all.

  11. was there!

    yup, they filmed it last year; november break 2006...and i walked right onto the set by accident. it was a big deal for a lot of indian americans because huge stars; shah rukh, rani, and both bachchans were in NY for a long time to shoot...and yes, it was cheesy...but all bollywood is. it was great!

  12. indian guy  

    actually, the movie sucked....

  13. across the universe  

    Just saw a trailer for this beatles themed flick, at factory girl. There seems to be a Columbia scene or two (definitely a CU takeover scene, with a pretty clear shot of hamilton) and CU kids mentioned in the IMDB thing..

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