The Number 23…on the 23rd…

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In which Bwog freelancer Ashley Nin describes a flick that thrills in spite of itself.

jDavid Beckham’s jersey number is 23.

According to the Mayans, the apocalypse is predicted for the year 2012. 20+1+2=23.

Pink is a combination of Red and White, and if you add up their letters (for example, R is the 18th letter in the alphabet), then you get 92. Divide that by the number of letters in ‘pink’ and you get 23.

My birthday is September 1st, 1987. 9+1+1+9+8+7=35. However, 35-35+23=23!

When I first saw the trailer for The Number 23, I figured that it would be another cookie cutter slasher film, relying solely on its outrageous premise to keep audiences from nodding off half way through. And since the basis for this film was so pathetically contrived, I accepted my free ticket as a pass to two hours of hilariously bad cinema. Instead, I left the theater disppointed, not because the film sucked, but rather because I actually enjoyed it.

The cinematography as a whole was breathtaking and adds evidence to my conviction that Director Joel Schumacher is no one-trick pony. The abundant visual effects in worked where they showed up, and even the acting better than your typical horror flick. My one criticism is that it was not enough to redeem the terrible premise from which the entire movie was derived. Is the audience really meant to be convinced that 23 is the number of obsession? In any case, I can’t wait until the sequel, in which a guy goes insane because the number 23 is avoiding him. “I met you when I was 37 and your birthday is the 16 of December… none of it adds up!”

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  1. joel schumacher  

    is one of the hackiest hacks who ever hacked.

  2. michael jordan's #  

    is 23. and he is a hell of a lot more awesome than david beckham.

  3. oh ashley  

    that movie blew... you should know better

  4. and exactly  

    which of Joel Schumacher's films counts as his one trick? Would that be Batman & Robin, or Phonebooth?

  5. well

    adam cannon, my comp. sci. prof., pretty much wants to punch jim carrey in the face for saying, "2 divided by 3 is .666" in the trailer because it's .667 if you round it. or .6666666... geeks for the win.

  6. are you as lost  

    23 is the most dangerous of the dangerous numbers.

  7. a/s/l  

    search 'the number 24' in youtube. pretty funny satire. also, it's too bad that i am post #7, a prime number, because i was going to attempt something clever with that.
    Also, type 111 if you think jim carey would not pass the bwog human verification test.

  8. i don't know  

    if they bring this up in the movie, and I'm about to come off as an incredible nerd, but the number 23 is generally very important in cults and conspiracy theories (think illuminati). I believe it also has soemthing to do to do with the number 5 (2+3) as a number that is both even and odd. So number of obsession seems a bit off, but the premise isn't as ridiculous as they come. Just bad.

  9. Absurd  

    How can this possibly pass as a movie review? It basically looks like it was ripped off from the posts of the 11 year olds over at IMDB, except for the one glaring difference: the 11 year olds know that this movie is a joke. Get a real film critic. Don't bother running pieces like this.

  10. man, dudes

    i loved this post.

    of course, i don't plan on seeing the movie. i just liked reading it.

  11. /???????  

    is michael jordan not what everyone immediately thinks about when they hear the number 23?

  12. SEAS-er  

    Actually, I can't help but think of Dr. Pepper's blend of 23 flavors. I also can't help but wonder who the hell thought that awful ad campaign was a good idea.

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