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In case you hadn’t noticed, CCSC campaigns began today at 9:00 AM. Unsurprisingly, Michelle Diamond’s One Columbia came out of the gate fast, while Tracy Chung’s Rebel CC debuted with a comprehensive but decidedly less flashy blogspot site. Segovia’s site will replace her facebook group (touting an “e-bard”) tomorrow. Meanwhile, since we at the Bwog like nothing more than making massive spreadsheets, we thought we’d give you a side-by-side comparison of the highlights. (Note: because a comprehensive review would make you want to scream and jump from the top of Riverside Church, this is an abridged version. If really want to find wade through the blizzard of campaign promises, visit the sites yourself).


Natali Segovia


Rebel CC

Tracy Chung


One Columbia

Michelle Diamond


SPACE – Space for multicultural groups – Has “Space” on her platform sidebar, but never actually talks about it –  Streamline space reservations

– Work on Lerner 6

– Gank grad space

MONEY MORE! MORE! And CCSC should do private fundraising. MORE!


– a Holistic Health and Life Center

– a Well Woman Center

– Diversification of offerings at the CCE

– A “completely voluntary” student mentoring program

– Overhaul undergraduate research, fellowship advising, and pre-professional advising

– Pretty much what’s on an advising resolution passed yesterday at the CCSC meeting

– Centralized course evaluations



– A “website portal hub” to centralize information – A CCSC blog

– A centralized online events calendar (like this one?)

– “Leadership summits”

– More laundry capacity

– More satellite gyms

– Wireless

– Flat screens in Dodge (YES!)

– Satellite gyms

– the “Bar Crawl to Victory”–walking from bar to bar on the way up to Baker Field on game days

– more food

– more events



MAKING THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE – will remain “thouroughly involved” in Manhattanville planning – a report on environmental stuff

– “education” and “debate” on Manhattanville

– Pushing for the community’s 197A plan in Manhattanville

– Appropriating the agenda of green groups on campus

– Next: troops out now!


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  1. wait  

    What about Felipe Tarud?

  2. asdf  

    what's with the caveat? bwog seems confused about its identity, torn between traditional reporting and subjective alternative media stuff.

  3. ccsc hater

    ridiculous. none of that crap michelle diamond's ticket claims to have done did they actually accomplish. i hate ccsc during this time of year. self important asses.

  4. CCSC defender  

    In defense of michelle, she has actually worked hard on some of those issues.

    For advising, thanks to her presentations and meetings, she has gotten commitments for a major overhaul of advising that is already under way.

    For course evaluations and the summits, Alidad has been working with other people to make that happen. He's been pretty successful with getting admins on board; and that's not an easy task around here.

    But after all, "platform" is more about what you will be doing. They've started some projects and they have plans for more.

  5. um...  

    can we do something about the html tables circa 1997?

  6. hey  

    the interpretations of the site seem a little biased in the pro-Diamond side. I haven't been to the actual sites though..

  7. cc09  

    no way i'm voting for a smoker. if Marbre S.B. doesn't respect herself, I'm certainly not going to express respect for her

  8. Posters  

    It's not just better websites. One Columbia's got way better posters and poster placement... and a better platform. I sense a coming theme in the election.

  9. "Bar crawl"?  

    NFW I am walking 5 miles up to Baker Field while stopping at bars.

  10. I love  

    how Voice and Rebel talk about getting websites for CCSC when they can't even get decent websites together for their campaigns.

  11. wtf  

    what the fuck ever happened to project athena?

  12. spies  

    it looks like one columbia (well basically, just michelle) has deployed some minions to patrol bwog. lame.

  13. the bar crawl  

    hardly sounds like a recipe for victory. sounds like a recipe for stomach cramps and passing out somewhere around the medical center if you are lucky.

  14. roar-ee

    is it a really slow news week (month?) or are there actually people out there that care enough for this stream of ccsc-related posts?

    also, the "rebel cc" thing reminds me of middle school. yay, let's promise all sorts of cool shit we can't do. flat-screen tvs in dodge! w00t! children, do yourselves a favor and fade back into irrelevancy with a little bullet for your monstertrak resume.

  15. wtf too  

    Project athena clearly was too difficult to handle

    • project athena...  

      ...exists! thanks to the hard work of members of the esc and ccsc there is a functional columbia wiki. there were problems with columbia's legal department, however, and so the site was blocked by the administration. currently we are looking for a way to host the site without paying for it with university funds. don't fret...it's coming. this is not coming from a michelle diamond supporter...it's coming from an engineer who wants to see project athena as badly and everyone else.

  16. damn...  

    damn, columbiaone or OneColumbia or whatever has a nice website. i like the platforms of some of the other groups, but seriously...their website...

  17. umm  

    how much does it cost to make a website like that of OneColumbia? thats some impressive stuff... not like i read their platforms, but just the website itself. arent there rules re: this kind of stuff? is it fair...?

    • website rules  

      As I understand it, and I'm pretty sure I'm right, the elections board will pay up to $10 for a website. However, there's nothing stopping the candidates from using as much of their own money as they'd like on the site.

  18. troops out now?  

    really? I'd like to see ANY group actually touch this

  19. behind 197a?

    Is One Columbia actually supporting the WHOLE 197a plan or just the green/environ part of it? that seemed unclear from the website...

  20. if they can  

    put flat screens in the library- where no one needs to watch tv, they can certainly do it in dodge

  21. HUH  

    They all suck. Theres no difference and we all know they will FAIL horribly at getting their reforms passed. Reforms no one really cares about anyway. TAO TAN, ARE YOU LISTENING? YOU NEED TO RUN AND CUT THROUGH THIS BS AND BRING SOME COOL SHIT TO CU

  22. wowwww  

    i think that by bar crawl they mean the same bus system/taking the subway up and then hitting up some of the bars around there...

  23. The only thing  

    The only thing a student council needs to do is bring more parties to campus. It pisses me off to no fucking end that the other ivies get kanye west and we get anti war protests.

  24. haha  

    it's funny how one columbia is running on things that are already being done (by other people)! how convienent.

  25. one thing

    all this makes me wonder how much we'd save in student life fees is they simply got rid of student government. and who i can lobby to make that happen.

  26. let's get some  


  27. moph  

    i'm w/ friedman on this one.

  28. wow  

    Diamond has the courage to take an actual position on Manhattanville, as opposed to "dialogue" etc bullshit. I was one of the people skeptical of the flood of "different" Diamond fans on the last thread (still am), but however sketchy her followers are, her willingness to take a stand is impressive.

  29. LeroyWells  

    Fuck em all! Long live the only true king: JESUS, king OF KINGS.

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