In case you hadn’t noticed, CCSC campaigns began today at 9:00 AM. Unsurprisingly, Michelle Diamond’s One Columbia came out of the gate fast, while Tracy Chung’s Rebel CC debuted with a comprehensive but decidedly less flashy blogspot site. Segovia’s site will replace her facebook group (touting an “e-bard”) tomorrow. Meanwhile, since we at the Bwog like nothing more than making massive spreadsheets, we thought we’d give you a side-by-side comparison of the highlights. (Note: because a comprehensive review would make you want to scream and jump from the top of Riverside Church, this is an abridged version. If really want to find wade through the blizzard of campaign promises, visit the sites yourself).


Natali Segovia


Rebel CC

Tracy Chung


One Columbia

Michelle Diamond


SPACE – Space for multicultural groups – Has “Space” on her platform sidebar, but never actually talks about it –  Streamline space reservations

– Work on Lerner 6

– Gank grad space

MONEY MORE! MORE! And CCSC should do private fundraising. MORE!


– a Holistic Health and Life Center

– a Well Woman Center

– Diversification of offerings at the CCE

– A “completely voluntary” student mentoring program

– Overhaul undergraduate research, fellowship advising, and pre-professional advising

– Pretty much what’s on an advising resolution passed yesterday at the CCSC meeting

– Centralized course evaluations



– A “website portal hub” to centralize information – A CCSC blog

– A centralized online events calendar (like this one?)

– “Leadership summits”

– More laundry capacity

– More satellite gyms

– Wireless

– Flat screens in Dodge (YES!)

– Satellite gyms

– the “Bar Crawl to Victory”–walking from bar to bar on the way up to Baker Field on game days

– more food

– more events



MAKING THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE – will remain “thouroughly involved” in Manhattanville planning – a report on environmental stuff

– “education” and “debate” on Manhattanville

– Pushing for the community’s 197A plan in Manhattanville

– Appropriating the agenda of green groups on campus

– Next: troops out now!