1. ---  

    i think he is tipping over right about now....

  2. Ah!

    It sort of looks like Felipe Tarud

  3. hey!  

    how about you post the one thats on the roof od the lobby of hartley...and then go up there and find out which window has footprints leading to it and report them to the administration for entirely reckless behavior (ha just kidding about the last part, they did a funny and cool thing and im jealous i couldnt/didnt do it)

  4. WTG Zach!  

    I'm liking the dated comments...

  5. did you notice...  

    ...that the snowman is made of dirty snow despite the abundant availability of clean snow? hmm...social commentary?

  6. confused  

    with what? he doesn't have eyes

  7. plaque  

    title: leaning pisa
    sculptor: anonymous
    material: snow
    date: 2007

  8. wait  

    What about Felipe Tarud?

  9. i love  

    bwog!!!!!!! why are all the bwog haters annoying me right now i hate cc but i love bwog!

  10. Cam  

    He may be dead, but there's a smaller one on a bench outside of Furnald that's growing. I went by it once and it had a little nub on its head like a cowlick, and when I went back the other way it had a little snow tophat.

  11. The German  

    Yeah, the Snowman is online. Unfortunately we could not give him eyes last night. At around midnight we were chased of the field by Public Safety. But anyway, 9 feet of snowman was fun to build.

    @ dirty snow: try rolling a 400 pound or more ball without getting any dirt in it

  12. confused  

    Wait, what does this have to do with Felipe Tarud?

  13. FelipeTarud  

    Stop talking about me. I like my privacy. Also, anyone who reads BWOG is wayyyy tooo wack to even utter my name. Columbiatches.

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