Gilchrist on the Cross

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Jim Gilchrist, founder of the Minuteman Project, has been brought down, not by protestors rushing the stage but by internal strife in his own organization, and is now fighting to regain his power. According to current Minuteman leadership, Gilchrist improperly used the organization’s funds for his own purposes, illegally sent mail at nonprofit rates without filing for nonprofit status, and has not accounted for up to $400,000 in Minuteman funds.  According to Gilchrist, bitches set him up. The LA Times reports that Gilchrist accused his accusers of being motivated by “a greed for power and a false perception of an endless stream of money.” Meanwhile, they are upset with their former leader using Minuteman funds to pay his court fees in his case against them.  Gilchrist’s replacement? Marvin Stewart, his opening speaker at Columbia. Minutemen: we know they hate themselves, or at least each other. – DHI

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  1. hot damn  

    i hope he didn't break his glasses.

  2. Anonymous  

    Someone is going to get a Minuteman knuckle sandwich... watch out Stewart!

  3. frumph  

    "Minutemen: we know they hate themselves, or at least each other."


  4. CML  

    The fact that Gilchrist is actually from a rich-ass town in Orange County affirms what a joke he is. His personal stake in stopping Mexicans from crossing the border is equivalent to mine in resuscitating Chesapeake Bay oysters.

  5. all i can say is...


  6. NO!  

    This is a terrible blow to the American democracy! Who will defend us from the illegal Mexican hordes INVADING our precious nation?!

  7. Marion Bary

    The goddamn bitch set me up

  8. Idiots  

    'You stupid protestors, you just gave the Minutemen the publicity and legitimacy they needed to grow and prosper'

    oops! looks like the organization is in shambles!

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