J. Sachs wants YOU to help stop Climate Change

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kjhIf you read our February issue, you’d have heard of the Global Roundtable on Climate Change, a group of blue chips that has been meeting for the last two years to come up with some sort of statement on what do about our warming world. Last Tuesday, they came out with their joint statement, which has been garnering a lot of low-level press around the world. The statement itself is nothing to get your knickers in a knot over; mostly the conventional wisdom of what needs to happen that’s been out there for years, with lukewarm verbs like “provide,” “support,” and “encourage.” (Meanwhile, these guys are saying the same thing, but less delicately.) The list of groups endorsing is about half the size of those participating in the process–Ford, Google, and Wal-Mart are conspicuously absent. But many of those who didn’t sign as organizations have added their names as individuals, and now you can too! An e-mail went out on the ABC listserv asking students to get on the bandwagon. And chuck your car keys on your way out.


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  1. g.o.

    that there's some crazy big brother shit.

  2. ???  

    what fucking car keys?

  3. for some reason  

    i thought this said "Jeffrey Sachs wants you to help find his car."

  4. AsH

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