QuickSpec: Picture of Mike Tyson’s Punchout!! Edition

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  1. did i  

    just hallucinate, or were there just 2 different quickspec posts a minute ago..

    • DHI  

      This was an internal problem caused by another editor making a separate quickspec post, since mine was supposed to be up by 11:00 and was a few minutes late. That second quickspec was posted, the editor realized that this one was in fact up, and the two were merged.

  2. Get real  

    The Yankees are has-beens? Go back to Boston.

  3. Always Remember:  

    Press select rapidly between rounds to have Little Mac gain stamina back. This only works once a bout.

    Also: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A

  4. i don't  

    know why i read the ruckus editiorial, but how can the spec editorial page forget what bwog immediately pointed out? the big problem is that it's windows only. nice try catering to college students , come back later.

    • Kate  

      I found another oversight in the article about laptops. The author failed to mention that Leppla, who apparently called the Town Hall, recently wrote a Spec Editorial against laptops in classrooms. Very in depth story.

  5. to the bwoggermann

    i want avi to reply to this. all last semester, i couldn't figure out how you (and only you) were permitted to use a laptop in that barnard class you took. please reply!

  6. re: culpa  

    an "official" CULPA would be horrible.

  7. laptoppy  

    so the lot of us who can't be satisfied with concise notes penned in a shaky hand have to be punished? because someone else decides that spending the entire lecture logged into gmail is a fun and effective use of class time?

    how absolutely asinine.

    • well  

      solution: set up wi-fi blockers in the larger lecture halls, as implemented . you want to take notes, then take notes, but no gmail for you.

      #6, I'm more curious as to why the editors of all three "major" campus publications wound up in that class. do they know something we don't?

      also, Avi's already commented on this: http://www.slate.com/id/2130600/

      • odd

        fwiw, i have nothing but fantastic things to say about that particular class, but i still want to know how avi got away with the laptop (and based on the slate story, the professor couldn't have been too pleased).

        it's funny you mention the editors in that class. if you kept tabs on the attendance sheet, you would've noticed that one of the editors missed something like 1/3 of the classes. (and it's not avi).

      • Three?  

        What are the three "major" campus publications???

      • Il Duce

        That class would be: Posturing for the small-dicked HUMA 1101

        • nah  

          that might've been in the core when you were a horny freshman back in the eighties, but nowadays they relegate that shit to the other side: BC HUMA 1032, Dealing With The Small-Dicked in Western Humanities

  8. Miriam Krule?  

    First of all, I'd like to point out that "Miriam Krule," who favors a "University-run" culpa, has a name which sounds like it belongs to a Roald Dahl criminal.

    Second of all, why the fuck is some stupid freshman claiming that it is imperative that the university take over the listings? Certainly a fucking journalist such as Miriam can't possibly expect that the reviews will be as rich or honest if the University were to process them as they are now, where people have the ability to speak candidly under the shield of anonymity?

    Go back to high school if you want the administration to take care of these things for you. Culpa is a place where we can get actual information, not information Columbia itself believes is relevant.

  9. steven

    well, nothing pisses me off more than having someone sit down next to you in a large (yet full) lecture hall, take out their laptop, and hammer away on gmail and aim for 75 minutes while you're trying to take the same hand-written notes you've been taking for the past 15 years.

    gee. what did you cunts do before wifi?

  10. seriously  

    i don't mind the computers, but the wifi is a problem. there is nothing that you need to do on the internet during class.

  11. NOT Spec Arts Editor  

    There IS an Arts page! Now! Don't forget to read it!

  12. dude  

    Those of you who are complaining about people's poor use of time, attendance in class, etc., here's a Hank Williams song you should download from Ruckus: http://www.ruckus.com/ruckus/music/track.do?trackId=468534

    How does it affect you if people aren't using their time well? How does it affect you if they aren't good at writing?

    They aren't doing Adderall to steal your job, alright?

  13. omfgcore!

    how about a laptop only section (row?) in lecture halls? that way, those that want to pound away on their machines / not pay attention in class won't disturb the rest of us just trying to take hand-written notes.

  14. ...  

    because it would seem to me that in that case, handwriting your notes is a poor notetaking method, as it is only possible in a specially sanitized environment.

  15. laptopper  

    I treat professors with equal respect to the respect that they give me. With my attentive, engaging professors, I show up to every class, pay attention, and participate. If a professor doesn't seem to give a shit and can't even remember my name, I consider my time better spent sleeping late at least once a week. With professors who make a big stink about how attendance is mandatory yet never manage to actually teach anything during class, I bring my laptop and check gmail, the Bwog, etc. I had one professor last year who was simply in love with the sound of his own voice, so I treated the class like a study hall and used the time to catch up on other homework.
    If other students are really that concerned that some of us use our laptops for non-academic purposes during class, maybe try railing against unengaging blowhard professors instead of laptop users and abusers.
    I mean, really. If you're paying attention and the person a few seats over is busy AIMing, can't you just silently and smugly congratulate yourself on your academic superiority and get on with your life?

    • sorry dude, but --

      Next time you're in the bathroom, look in the mirror and remind yourself that you're still a student, and there may very well be other students in the class who, like you, shelled out $1,000/credit to be there, and don't need to be distracted by you checking your email/aim/bwog/whatever because you don't enjoy the professor's lecture.

      If you don't want to be there, it's your mistake for signing up for the class, especially after having two weeks to drop it.

  16. dasda  

    bwog, blue and white, and the falun gong thing.

  17. i don't get it  

    If I want to fritter away my education by e-mailing through class, or if I'm just a particularly good multitasker, it seems to me that it's no one's business but my own. If you'd like to give the professor your undivided attention, the obvious solution would be for you to stop reading my email and do so.

  18. Grow Up  

    Those who call themselves Ivy Leaguers and can't manage to pay more attention to a professor than the kid on AIM next to them are pathetic. Go the childish route and blame the kid on the computer rather than your lack of attention span or interest in the class, that always works!

    Consider it training for the real world where you'll have to focus and do work when people are actively bothering you all day.

  19. pssish  

    I'm really impressed by the standard of the comments here. Instead of commenting on someone's Spec article we make fun of her name. Smart and classy, dudes.

    Miriam brings up good points in her article. And, believe it or not, first years are every bit as entitled to opinions as the rest of y'all. Getting university backing would increase the breadth of the reviews on CULPA making it more useful. Plus, maybe I'd feel like I'm actually getting something out of that course review that I have to complete at the end of every semester if I knew that some other student might read it.

  20. yah

    being as professors brought up the laptop concern, maybe they are the ones with the strongest complaint. all discussion so far has been about whether or not its annoying for fellow students -- but in my experience, most students who dont have a laptop don't care if other people do. yet go on, argue for the sake of arguing, that's what bwog's for, right?

    • No, You're Wrong  

      Bwog is not for arguing for the sake of arguing, that is so stupid. Only an under-informed jerk like you would assume that. [insert grammatical or spelling correction of your comment here]. You sure are tough making anonymous comments like that!

  21. bwog  

    I'm lovin' how the Bwog is makin' my apostrophes nice 'n big. I'm likin' the font, y'know?

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