sdfOn Februrary 17th, 2006, we had a giant party at Mona to celebrate the launch of BW‘s quirky younger brother, the Bwog. You, at least, are still reading our little foray into new media, so you might as well help us celebrate our survival one year later. We were going to have it at Mona again, until the state Marshals foiled that plan. But never fear! We’ve teamed up with the Varsity Show’s preview party in the back room at the West End, so you don’t even have to freeze your snot on the walk down to 109th–and happy hour lasts until 1:00 AM ($3 drafts and $5 wells). So, your Saturday night itinerary:

8:00 PM: B-Dubbers get to the Stend, start drinking.

9:00 PM: First V-Show preview show

10:00 PM: Drinking continues.

11:00 PM: Second preview

Midnight: something exciting?

We can’t promise another life size cutout of J. Sachs, but there will be cake, and everyone who’s anyone–which means you. Incessant reminders to follow.