1) Closing at the Lincoln Square 13 today after a mere week in release  – the evocatively titled Blood and Chocolate, making room for what promises to be the best bad movie since Perfume, Factory Girl. Quoth IMDB about Blood: “A young teenage werewolf… is torn between honoring her family’s secret and her love for a man.” If you’re in the mood for blood and chocolate after the movie closes, go see Leo’s Oscar-nominated performance in Blood Diamond, but stop by Godiva first. Zing!

2) Rocky Balboa leaves the AMC Empire 25 today (is this really the end?) to make room for Because I Said So. If I had to choose between Diane Keaton getting laid by Reverend Camden or Sylvester Stallone fighting  Mason “The Line” Dixon (actual name of character in film), I’d probably choose death.

3) The National Black Fine Art Show closes at the Puck Building (Houston and Lafayette) this Sunday. The exhibit showcases original  work from contemporary as well as past African, African-American, and Caribbean painters. Just to be clear, this is the most culturally enriching experience in the entire post, with the possible exception of Factory Girl.