manvilleSteven Thomas stopped by today’s anti-Manhattanville rally, at which South Lawn was declared a blighted zone, and passed on this report:

A woman declaring herself to be a long-time resident across the street from Columbia stepped up to the microphone, declaring, “What Columbia isn’t telling you is that they are going to build a Level 3 Bio-Threat lab in Manhattanville.  In colloquial terms, that’s germ-warfare, over an earthquake fault.  If we are going to speak of blights, this building will be the real blight.”

However, in the sake of balance, the most recent earthquake to strike Manhattan was of magnitude 2.6 in 2001 (soft enough that it was only noticed by seismic sensors).  Also, the bioterror threat building is going to be “helping to fight such devastating diseases as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s and be instrumental in helping to improve the lives of those suffering from autism, dementia, and schizophrenia.”