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The Sun Also Sets

What better season than Chinese New Year season to reflect on everything that is totally and completely over? Bwog staff and friends assembled a list of has-beens last night.  Our hearts break for everything below.

– Facebook pokes

– 1968


– Anna Nicole Smith and her baby’s daddy

– the phrase “I feel like”

– the “CSI” franchise

– SHOCC jokes

– safe spaces

– Michael Moore

– the phrase “sucks at life”

– Converse sneakers

– finding the “New Hungarian”

– personal blogs

– punk music

– friendships based on physical proximity of housing (only applies to first-years)

– Pluto outrage

– Courseworks

– Foucault and Benjamin as the reigning kings of Columbia

– exit opportunities

– nostalgia

– the word “hipster”

– Queer Awareness week flyers still visible from South Lawn from last March, now celebrating almost 50 weeks of continuous, blinding awareness


– Details magazine

– pretending to like “American Idol”

The Eye

Many more after the jump! Read up ASAP

– jeans that look like leggings

– people born before 1990 (Izumi, you deserve personal credit for this one. Love, JDC)

– ballet flats

– making Britney Spears’ bald head one’s facebook picture

– quoting “Mean Girls”

– The Sopranos

– Gawker, and any celebrity-related blogs (defamer, perezhilton)

– Marc Jacobs

– stealing 212 sandwiches. (was that ever in?)

– Anna Wintour

– journals AND magazines

– upperclassmen telling underclassmen about how when they were freshmen the varsity show was so much better

– Terence Koh at the Whitney

– Edward Said’s Orientalism

– Yale

– quoting cheesy song lyrics in your Facebook status so that they apply to you in some way that doesn’t really make sense anyway (example: “Maryam is your wonderwall.” Come on. That’s gross.)

– esoteric Facebook groups


– invisible hand metaphors

– geek chic

– metrosexuals

– belief that having no fashion sense is some sort of indicator of moral virtue

– cigarettes (sad sad sad but true, and good for you)

– New York fashion week

– the credibility (but not the fun) of “Project Runway”

– atheism as the answer to all the world’s problems

– second semester seniors taking fewer than 14 credits

– smoking pot

– the bitter, bitter cold

– the Arcade Fire’s Neon Bible

– commenting on how many Splendas other people put in their coffees

– scrunched hair

– affixing “Mc-” in front of every adjective used to modify the series “Grey’s Anatomy” or its characters

– the belief that “The Devil Wears Prada” is a good movie.

– irony

– those Arab “hipster” scarves (see: NY Times article in fashion section)

– bangs

– outrage over Bill O’Reilly

– student protests against the war (sad, very sad)

– Lindsay Lohan’s potential

– leggings under skirts

– outrage over stupid comments on Bwog

– stupid comments on Bwog

– making fun of greek life

– homework

– deliberate earnestness

– erudite british intellectuals

– the Yankees-Red Sox schtick (this was done after October ’04)

– the tabloid wars

– hating on Phish

– the Oscars

– golf

– hating on Larry Summers

– the NYPD

– Mona

– referencing LitHum in other classes

– Barnard jokes

– complainers

– metacriticism

– Netflix

– the use of the word “snark”

– the phrases “best” and “sincerely”

– debates over the oxford comma

– debates over whether girls masturbate

– Camille’s (for a LONG time)

– bubble tea

– ironic use of long words to shrewdly make a basic point

– eurocentrism

– neoliberalism

– the Washington Consensus

– moderation

– the ice sheet of Greenland

– the Cuomos

– campus bands

– putting fwd: loose change as e-mail subjects

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  • i'm taking note says:

    @i'm taking note kindness is in, it seems. good to know.

  • Confused says:

    @Confused The word “hipster” is out, but hipsters themselves are not?

  • Alex Gartenfeld says:

    @Alex Gartenfeld As Editor of the Eye, I’m not sure which inclusion I resent more: The Eye, or punk music. I really wish you would do more research before presenting these lists, as I’m sure you’ll find that West Coast punk scenes are really flourishing.

    In the future, please link to the Eye’s page when you mention us. Here it is guys:


  • geez says:

    @geez Wow, I will never be able to handle all the bwog pretention. You’re just a bunch of judgemental elitist bastards who aren’t any more fashionable than my grandma. (i.e. ugly sandals a la LD. Please throw those away.)

    1. yo... says:

      @yo... you are going on here to insult people’s sandals, and you don’t like this list?

    2. Lydia says:

      @Lydia Agreed, I’m probably the least fashionable person I know. I’ve been told it’s part of my charm.

  • disappointing says:

    @disappointing come on, bwog, you’re better than this.

  • i actually says:

    @i actually really really super like this list. i agree with almost everything on it. very insightful.

  • bwog sucks says:

    @bwog sucks Bwog really, really sucks. Really.

  • senior says:

    @senior – second semester seniors taking fewer than 14 credits

    BWOG is just jealous.

    1. actual student says:

      @actual student slacker! go do your basket weaving homework! i will, um, do my thesis.

  • voter says:

    @voter the eye certainly sucked balls last semester, but I think gartenfeld has actually been doing a really good job with it thus far

    1. yeah says:

      @yeah gartenfeld is good, but he also has a fantastic managing editor in sadia latifi, whose presence has made a huge difference. gartenfeld was on the eye staff last semester too, while sadia came in from news and is an insanely talented journalist.

      1. sts says:

        @sts does sadia have a boyfriend?

  • holy shit says:

    @holy shit i was outta the loop. that rasterbation shit looks kinda cool tho, especially if you’re broke.

  • Also says:

    @Also I hate leggings so much. It makes women look like 1980s teenagers. Ewwww. Combined with scrunched hair…aesthete outrage!

  • also says:

    @also “scrunched hair”: Is this like the over-gelled look for girls? Because that shit is TRASHY

  • remember says:

    @remember bwog’s things i’m thankful for list? i liked that better.

  • This is says:

    @This is retarded; the ROLM is never over; perhaps it was merely some trend piece for you, Bwog, but there exists at this school a subculture of students ROLMing from room-to-room all days of the week.

    I guess its like trousers.

  • clearly says:

    @clearly none of the writers know anything about baseball.

  • bwogger says:

    @bwogger Also, please don’t be too mean. After all, remember our thanksgiving thank-you list? There were actually a lot of the same things that are on this list…

  • queer says:

    @queer awareness is never out! those flyers are from everyone allied against homophobia’s campaign in October. props to those who still have them up!

  • yo people says:

    @yo people chill out. this is a fun anti-stress thing. nobody will judge you (or give a fuck, for that matter) if you are dressed in marc jacobs, writing an essay about lindsay lohan’s potential and reading foucault for the very first time as a second semester senior taking 2 classes.

    And why do you give a fuck if a bwog says something you like is over?

  • i m says:

    @i m taking more than 14 credits as a senior and wishing i wasn’t. these classes just seem like more and more work each semester.

    still i just got up at 3 pm. so i really shouldn’t complain.

    and don’t scorn me? why would i have gotten up earlier? i heard the rain from the room and that was it. day cancelled.

  • charlie says:

    @charlie i’ll stop stealing 212 sandwiches when never.

  • Haha says:

    @Haha Anyone else want to do just about everything on this list just to spite Bwog?

  • Another thing says:

    @Another thing I disagree about the leggings, by the way. As long as it’s below 40 degrees outside, you just can’t call them “over.”

  • These comments... says:

    @These comments... These comments make me realize that if Bwog wasn’t pissing people off with this list, it probably wouldn’t be doing its job. Thank goodness for the bitter college students.

  • As long says:

    @As long as masturbation is still “in”, we will all be OK.

  • SEAS-er says:

    @SEAS-er Mean Girls is so fetch! It’ll never stop being awesome.

    1. fetch? says:

      @fetch? the fuck does fetch mean? Other than, obviously, to go and retrieve something.

      1. it's says:

        @it's from the movie mean girls. s/he was making a reference.

  • don'tchall get it? says:

    @don'tchall get it? that list makes fun of EVERYTHING. History is over. The world-spirit has become conscious of itself.

  • Heh says:

    @Heh Love how Bwog puts that “personal” in front of “blog.” So…everything over except for…Bwog itself. I like bwog but this list is mostly stupid.

  • here are some more: says:

    @here are some more: -bwog’s obnoxiously cynical, elitist attitude
    -kids sitting in their rooms wearing pajamas typing up has been lists because they don’t feel like doing to work required to write something worth reading
    -hating everything
    -masterbatory self reference, especially ironic masterbatory self reference

    1. yes says:

      @yes agree with everything you wrote, except learn to spell “masturbatory.”

      lame, bwog. laaaame.

  • oh come on says:

    @oh come on second semester seniors taking less than 14 credits will never be over, and anyone who thinks it is is just jealous. my 11 credits and i are verryyyy happy this semester.

  • oh no says:

    @oh no “quoting cheesy song lyrics in your Facebook status so that they apply to you in some way that doesn’t really make sense anyway (example: “Maryam is your wonderwall.” Come on. That’s gross.)”

    my credibility… it’s decreasing!

  • I have a dream says:

    @I have a dream that one day my four little children will live in a world where everyone realizes that one blog’s “so last year” list is as worthless as all the others. oh yeah, and that whole peace and harmony part too.

  • technically says:

    @technically before something can be “over”, it needs to “start”.

    i demand that /The Eye/ be stricken from the list.

  • I have a dream today says:

    @I have a dream today I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the superficialities of their actions but by the content of their character.

  • Sprinkles says:

    @Sprinkles Oooh! Thanks for the link to the Rasterbator!

  • fuck this piece says:

    @fuck this piece die cynical bwogger pigs, die die die

  • you also forgot says:

    @you also forgot -joining the blue and white because you’re bitter about not being on the managing board of spec

    -deriving the entirety of your blog content from other campus publications

  • bwogger says:

    @bwogger It is too bad that obsessively following trends and reporting on which ones decline in prevalence and assigning some sort of implicit value to people who stopped those at the right time to pick some new trend will not be “over” for awhile.

  • moph says:

    @moph i loved the devil wears prada.

    and linday lohan’s potential.

    i miss 2006.

  • Elna says:

    @Elna Wait, what happened to CMTS?

  • Padding says:

    @Padding It’s not just for resumes and bras anymore.

  • stupid says:

    @stupid marc jacobs?….

  • punk music??? says:

    @punk music??? go to hell.

  • what the fuck says:

    @what the fuck who the fuck wrote this

  • hipster? says:

    @hipster? that word is neva over

  • Elna says:

    @Elna Vaclac Havel and entourage.

  • : ) says:

    @: ) rasterbation = an art

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