OK, you may have guessed it–Bwog is not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day. But we have an issue coming out this week! Probably Wednesday, in time for you to settle down with your very own February Blue and White! Meanwhile, a review of the week in Bwog.

jkhgChomsky double feature!

– Cute animals: alive and DELICIOUS

Cronkite heralds the saviors of old media, while Spec rediscovers the new and we sit watching our screens for hours while listening to the freshest beats 125th has to offer.

– The Dems take a walk, CCSC kids start to run, and the rest of the world talks about the race that really matters.

– The Belle Jar knocks some sense into all you singles, while we knock ourselves for a regrettable fuckup

Harvard only wishes they had to worry about categorical imperatives.

Yet more evidence that Z. Galil is way too cool for Tel Aviv.