1. haha  

    off campus SUCKAAZZZ

    Er, rather, ha-Ha! Your housing lottery is a fool's bargain!

  2. dotty

    also off-campus.

    best decision i ever made.

  3. Housing Lottery  

    Nothing at Columbia makes you choose and enumerate your friends quite like the housing lottery.

  4. fosho  

    as a second semester senior, i have lost SOOOO many friends because of housing drama. was it worth it? sadly, yes.

    But I still wish I had moved to brooklyn

  5. Anonymous  

    God the cruelty of existence. Ay many shits I have shat over this fabled lottery of past days. I remember contemplating the worst of the worst of the worst. THANK GOD NOW I LIVE IN FULL HEALTH.

  6. oh god  

    I can't fucking believe senior year is almost here. This is terrifying beyone description.

  7. Erf  

    You think that's bad, try believing senior year is almost *over*.

  8. ...

    where in brooklyn and how much?

  9. Cletus  

    What time and how burnt?

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