1. ...

    wow. worse than stop being a pussy, imo. this won't end well for the dems.

  2. Great  

    So the Dems are only.. three and a half months behind their Republican colleagues?

  3. Anonymous  

    I think it's great! I bet they're union-made, too. And they aren't all disgusting like the Republican ones. Props to dems!

  4. ZZzzzz  

    Wow, THIS was creative. All those people in the College Dems and they can't think of a less-hackneyed joke?

  5. sev  

    If you think about it, the slogan doesn't even make much sense for the Dems. It seems like a Republican would want to kick some donkey ass and thus have the slogan on their t-shirts?

  6. Wow  

    the dems and reps here are incredibly lame. resume padders, the lot of them.

  7. Yawn  

    The College Dems do 2 things:

    1) Criticize/protest the College Republicans

    2) Do stupid crap like this that has no connection to the view they hold or wish to promote

    To be fair, the College Republicans often make doing #1 very easy.

  8. DHI  

    The Dems'll be kicking themselves over this one.

    [ha ha fucking ha]

  9. but

    wouldn't this be a more appropriate slogan for the college republicans?

  10. wait

    when I first read this I thought I had it all wrong...but no, I wasn't the idiot. THIS IS A REPUBLICAN SLOGAN YOU MORONS!!!

  11. it's official...  

    ...the Dems fucked up.

  12. When will we see...  

    some "Left-Wing Jihand" shirts? Or some U of Havana North shirts?

  13. Ugh.  

    Why don't people have better things to do than just shit on campus groups?

    If you don't like the way something is done, try actually doing something to voice your input in the decision-making process of a group.

  14. oh geeze  

    also, isn't that what the minutemen protest was? dems getting kicked? aye yae yae.

  15. everybody  

    at this school's too intellectual and argumentative. just chill folks

  16. ...  

    "Dick Cheney shot me in the face."

    Simple, elegant, straightforward.

  17. decider  


  18. And is  

    "kick some ass" normally taken literally?

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