1. loving  

    the use of the word defenestrate

  2. defenestration

    is seriously one of my favorite words.

  3. ...  

    this is such a non-event.

    bwog is clearly getting lazy in the lack of competition.

  4. amy millan

    this post is about 162312x better than any ccsc post.

  5. umm bwog has  

    competition, aka splogs.

  6. ...  

    and aren't splogs spam blogs?

  7. splogs  

    failed again, having learned seemingly no lessons from their first effort

  8. Seriously

    How can you possibly have a post about ROLM without a link to Chris Beam's classic "The Decline and Fall of ROLM"?

  9. That picture  

    is art. Put is on a (physical) wall for all to see.

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