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The Office of Undergraduate Admissions has just released the admissions statistics for the Class of 2015! The takeaway: shitloads of people applied to Columbia. The overall admission’s rate for this year was 6.9 percent, compared with last year’s 9.2%. We suspect this has a lot to do with the switch to the Common App, but […]

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Because tens of thousands (jp, jp) of high schoolers and their anxious parents have arrived for tours on this rainy Monday. We want to set a good example, don’t we? Roone Cinema was packed with overachievers waiting for an info session, and parents flooded out in streams to ask Bwog where the bathrooms were. Observe […]

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You may have noticed, yesterday evening sometime, that Gmail had gone insane. Everything was blue–had hamsters been let loose in the Google servers, Bwog wondered? To our relief, we found we could return to the older version, like Facebook let us do for a short time before forcing us into new Facebook forever. And then, […]

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Just kidding. We didn’t even peek.  Anyway, Harry Potter 7 comes out at 12:01 am Saturday morning. But you knew that already. If not from little siblings or nerdy friends, it’s probably from the fact you, yourself, are a HP freak and have joined Facebook’s Admit It, You Wish You Went to Hogwarts!, or I Trust […]

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ROLM goes down

A tipster snapped a picture of this defenestrated ROLM phone on the sidewalk under Hogan. Modern man’s triumph over technology or further proof that we’re all fucked?

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The vending machines in Lerner may no longer afford you the opportunity to get an Ipod with your diet Coke, but their swanky offering nevertheless continue to boggle the mind. The Bwog snapped a couple of photos of exciting additions to the snazzy ensemble: a $20.00 Metrocard (for $19.60!) and a $50 Bluetooth phone! This […]

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