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It’s like Columbia Day over on Manhattan’s favorite gossip site.

gawkerNow we’re elitist for complaining? (oh, and Ivygate‘s got video).

Tasti rival moves in! Bwog misses Soupman.

We’ve been trying to avoid this one, but since so many of you seem to think it’s newsworthy (seriously, stop e-mailing us about it), Matt Sanchez has been up to some other activities besides bashing Columbia on conservative talk shows. Yawn.

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  1. quack  

    damn, as demonstrated by gawker, the barnard stereotypes are pretty ingrained

  2. ahem  

    you are being elitist. this is why i hate columbia - all the boners who take themselves way too seriously. matthew fox will most likely be interesting, and he's a hell of a lot nicer to look at than mccain was. so really, get over yourselves.

  3. fancy me this  

    How is Matt Sanchez being a porn star "yawn" but Miriam not being quoted by NYtimes newsworthy? Is Bwog turning into a giant yawn? Yawn!

  4. um......  

    maybe I missed something, but how did IvyGate manage to get a response from Chait before Bwog or Spec?

  5. Sprinkles

    1. It's not elitist to expect your university to live up to its previous standards of excellence. It's a normal expectation. It's the expectation of getting what you paid for and what you were led to believe.

    2. Soupman was overpriced and gimmicky. Good riddance! Viva the new McDonald's on 104th.

  6. Ivygate ...  

    did not have midterms.

  7. bleah  

    we pay for a graduation speaker who speaks for free? come on. it hurts to see gawker and others think that we're pricks. and the thing is, we think we're completely in the right.

    no, we pay for classes (that some would like to skip) the privilege to study for an ivy degree (that some will BS their way to), the opportunity to hear speakers (that some will not attend but only want the bragging rights to namedrop), overpriced food and textbooks, housing, and so on.

    that's what we pay for. sure, chait's method of choosing is sketchy to say the least, but can't the uptight kids just loosen up for once and enjoy the light-hearted idea of a celebrity coming to speak?

    if I were Matthew reading this stuff, I would not want my own kids to go here. shame on columbia kids. too bad we don't pay to learn how to be gracious and to loosen up. maybe you'd lose the cigarette jammed up your ass and the inherent scowl that a fake smile can't mask. good luck finding happiness - you'll need it.

  8. but......  

    I think Bwog's time last night could've been better spent trying to get quotes/answers from the Class Council instead of writing that ranting, whining, utterly unprofessional post that is now being excerpted in other media outlets (ok fine, blogs, but still...).

  9. ummmm  

    loosen up? This wouldn't be a big deal if Matt Sanchez himself wasn't such an ass.. he wrote an article analyzing Ugly Betty... talk about loosening up.. can't anyone just appreciate how funny/ironic it is when a REALLY conservative person turns out to be ... a GAY PORNSTAR.

  10. Assapopoulos  

    I wonder if this will interfere with Corporal Sanchez' military career. I know not everyone who does gay porn is gay, but it may violate the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy if he's had hundreds of throbbing cocks in his mouth.

  11. Assapopoulos  

    Oh, and by the way, while a picture of Sanchez with his arm around Ann Coulter certainly raises questions about his sexuality (not to mention sanity), I imagine the reader will be more interested in this link, which has pictures straight out of a Log Cabin Republicans' recruitment brochure:

  12. Rod Majors  

    So Corporal Matt Sanchez AKA Cockporal Rod Majors gay? And if so how is he still in the Marine Corps? Or does he just like sticking his "11 inch monster uncut dick" into other men but doesnt consider himself gay?

  13. Cockporal Majors  

    So Matt Sanchez was a gay porn star. I personally don't find that as news-worthy as the fact that he was also a homosexual prostitute:

    Apparently he worked in the West Side/Midtown area, only $200-250 to have him be your top!

    None of those are as creepy as this bizarre fantasy story though (illustrated by a nude Rod Majors):

  14. cupcake  

    good job columbia, you've got yourself a mention in Us!

  15. Major Rod  

    "A lot of my clients come to me stressed out and simply want a break from the day to day routine. That feeling that someone else is finally in control, totally in control, is thrilling. I have to admit that it can be fun on this end too."

    "Other guys want to please me by doing whatever I say. They want to lick my feet or have me shove their head into my crotch and keep it there. I've been known to scissor a guy's head until he begs me to stop."

    "It's not uncommon for guys to call me Master/Sir. That's when I know that they want to be disciplined. It's my job to make sure they get what they want."

    LOL, so this is what members of the Young America's Foundation do for fun, sweeeetttttttttt.

    Anyway, Matt's posted his rebuttal to this whole episode on his own blog, I guess people should check it out, only fair:

  16. riiiiiight  

    BWOG, you are ridiculous. You can not want to post the Sanchez story, but that doesn't make it like making fun of activists, but can't 'stoop' to a legitimately newsworthy story about a VERY vocal conservative on this campus...please. I don't buy it for a second.

    Pathetic attempt at feigning some kind of standard...BWOG is a glorified gossip rag (which I read daily)... and you shouldn't try to fool yourselves or others.

  17. Haha  

    Thats precisely why Columbia DIDNT want to run this piece. This is actually big-time political news (so far it's been picked up by some major blogs, including DailyKos, Eschaton and of course Gawker). BWOG only likes dealing with irrelevant campus stuff that they can approach with some irony. Thats why despite the fact that this story will probably be picked up by more news agencies tomorrow, this is the last you'll see of it on BWOG.

  18. Anonymous

    this is very easily spinnable, if you ask me. if handled incorrectly, it could easily blow up in the liberal blogosphere's face.

    all he has to do, since he is quoted in as saying he is going to address later today, is say yes, he was a gay porn star, but he's grown up and he's changed.

    i haven't heard him comment much outside of the confines of military rights and freedom of speech.

    sparks will really start flying if he is ejected from the military.

  19. diversity & gays

    Matt is gay, proud to serve in the military and has deeply conservative values. So? That just means not everyone at Columbia strives to be a stereotype.

    This story reminds me of the big push to return ROTC to Columbia in 2005. The ROTC advocates lobbied for ROTC to come back to CU as a way to push for reform on the DADT policy. Matt Sanchez was a vocal ROTC advocate. So was Scott Stewart, an openly gay former Army infantryman who claimed he was openly gay while in the Army.

    Fascinating stuff.

  20. Welll  

    It is somewhat fortuitous that the Columbian who turns out to be involved in porn is named "Sanchez"

  21. Major

    Dude these GS dudes are all fucked up man and they're allowed on campus; allowed to integrate normally into classes? That's some fucked up shit. I'm not giving a dime to Columbia's alumni fund until they DISBAND the Fool of General Studies. For good. Isaac Asimov or not.

  22. can i say  

    i like him a lot better now? gay porn star, conservative activist--i wish he'd been in my cc class.

  23. not about gs  

    come on now, ppl. This is not about GS.

    It's about Matt Sanchez being a gay porn star...

  24. purple  

    That, my friends, is an awesome resume-builder.

  25. Sucio

    Matt 'Sucio' Sanchez must be stopped.

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