Cafe review: V-Bar

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Coffee correspondent Downing Bray brings you another spot to get your daily jolt in style.


225 Sullivan Street (between W. 3rd and Bleecker)

A coffee shop by day and a wine and beer bar by night, Vbar is as mysterious as its name – I cannot for the life of me figure out what the V stands for. Maybe the V refers to vino or vin since it certainly boasts quite an array of European offerings, and furthermore it has an impressive display of vintage bottles lining the shelves along the wall for decoration. Or maybe the V points to the dark blue velvet curtains that adorn the long windows overlooking Sullivan Street (across from Peanut Butter and Company). Velvety, in fact, would be a choice word to describe Vbar. It has an almost medieval, rustic feel, but it’s simultaneously contemporary; as soft, calming music (think Ravi Shankar or Lauryn Hill) plays softly amidst the occasional whirring of a coffee machine or clinking of a wine glass, people reading and tapping away on their laptops sit in near silence at a few small tables and at the larger dark wood communal table in the center of the café, all with bar-style seating. If you need quiet, it’s an ideal place to study, but make sure to go early in the day; around 5:30 the lights dim and the conversations pick up as it transforms to a wine bar—although some people still work away. In addition to wine, beer, tea, and coffee, it has paninis, baked goods and other snacks. For an indication of price range, a small coffee sells $1.25 a cup while a small tea is $1.75. It opens weekdays at 9:00 AM and weekends at 10:00 AM. Closes at 2:00 AM Sun-Wed, and 4:00 AM on Thursday.

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  1. this  

    review tastes like poop.

    just kidding.

  2. well  

    i'm not kidding. this review blew. not to mention the fact that the restaurant 'pens'. who knew.

    in other news, let us comment on the modesitt post. because it's too good not to talk about all the closeted boys involved.

  3. whatever  

    I like these reviews.

  4. weiner  

    ill stop right by there on my walk from wein to butler

  5. atheist  

    Who in God's name goes to Sullivan Street for a cup of coffee?

  6. Ya know,  

    this whole modesitt thing is funny. What's his deal? His facebook says he hooked up with one of the kids in that group about him, Ryan Beppel?

  7. Hahaha  

    Who's got the video of Marky and Ryan going at it, hmm?

  8. too far!  

    i'll stick with max cafe but would love to eventually visit this place when i have extra time.

  9. I think I'm in Love  

    Downing Rocks My World...enough said.

  10. I love

    Peanut Butter & Co. is so tasty addictive!

  11. snob.  

    "There is more behind and inside V. than any of us had suspected. Not who, but what: what is she. God grant that I may never be called upon to write the answer, either here or in any official report."

  12. Not to be a dick  

    But didn't Bwog, in its ridiculous list which highlighted everything that was "out," mention that "finding the new Hungarian" was "out?" Doesn't this basically constitute an attempt to find a new Hungarian?

  13. Downtown?  

    Do Columbia students really go all the way downtown just to study? Butler isn't that packed, is it?

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