Morning Gossip: Moyn on Class Day, JTT Here to Stay?

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Wipe that crust from your eyes, Columbians. It’s the second day back from Spring Break, and jetlag is no longer an excuse (unless you’re just returning from some three-day hell of flight cancellations and missed connections, in which case…good luck!) While you suck it up and drown yourselves in coffee, here’s some more stuff we’ve picked up recently:

  • History of Human Rights professor Samuel Moyn isn’t sharing in seniors’ ill-will toward Class Day speaker Matthew Fox. In a rare use of his faculty Facebook account, he’s joined up with the group “Matthew Fox Speaks for Me” and voiced his incomprehension of the ongoing brouhaha: “As someone who attended class day last year and found John McCain less than enthralling, and as an obsessive fan of both ‘Party of Five’ and ‘Lost,’ I have only one question for those angry about the invitation of Matthew Fox this year: what is the deal?”

  • We know, we know. The word got out long ago that the erstwhile Jonathan Taylor Thomas (of pre-adolescent heartthrob “JTT” fame, now answering to “Jonathan Taylor Weiss”) has been stalking our halls as a student at GS, taking history classes and
    being spotted on the Barnard campus. We’ve tried for an interview, but, alas, the Home Improvement star has remained mum. Yesterday, however, IvyGate upped the ante by looking up Weiss’ email on the directory, from which he oddly never had himself removed, and inviting the fanmail to pour in. Head over there for details – and a photomontage that will take you back to fourth grade.

  • Finally, you Columbia homepage watchers might remember that Center for the Study of Alcohol and Substance Abuse (CASA) study that had been lingering near the top of the newswire for some time now – the one that pointed out that “half of college students binge drink, abuse prescription and illegal drugs”. Yesterday, suddenly, and for some unknown reason, the announcement disappeared. One possible theory: being masters of the obvious wasn’t enough to secure those grant applications…

UPDATE: The CASA study is still there, it’s just scrolled off the page. It’s still not much of a revelation, though. In any case, we’re resisting the temptation to edit out that line about jetlag being no excuse…


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  1. simba  

    JTT looks like a foetus. Interesting fact: he did a foetus voiceover for a pro-life ad.

  2. interesting fact:  

    the british spelling of "fetus" sucks

  3. oh god

    are you fucks ever going to stop posting about matthew fox? i heard that moving on can sometimes be a good thing.

  4. d'oh  

    umm, no big mystery about how the CASA story "disappeared" from the homepage -- stories from the CU homepage just roll over to the CU News page as they are replaced by new items. The CASA story is still there now if you scroll down. duh

  5. tool time

    man, i completley forgot about jtt. i used to think he was ridiculously annoying.

  6. Bwog  

    You're right, d'oh. It's been stricken from the record.

  7. oh hello

    JTT is actually a pretty smart guy, and a good writer; he's in one of my classes.

    Now I can play 'six degrees of Pam Anderson's tits' and not lose. Hah.

    • dweezil

      my boyfriend is in jtt's class...

    • Hayley

      I realise that this may sound sad and pathetic, but here goes... I wrote Jonathan a letter and posted it on his forum on, if you (oh hello), or anyone else for that matter, ever talks to him, can you mention it so that he reads it.
      I'm not an adolescent with a crush.. I'm 23 and I'm a postgrad student... my fascination was re-awakened recently and I had a really strong feeling that I had to contact him... I can't explain why, but please pass on the message if you can. Thanks, Hayley

    • SBS

      Jonathan still at GS?

  8. ha.  

    "binge drinking is drinking three or more times during the last two weeks".

  9. hmmm  

    didn't jtt go to harvard at one point? did he drop out?

  10. dweezil

    yeah i heard he's very smart. at least he's not just another pretty face in hollywood..

  11. Hayley

    What's he like in real life?

  12. Danny

    Wow, that's really sweet... I wonder if he'll check it out

  13. JTT Fan

    What does he look like now?

    Anything like the pic on this page?

  14. Somebody

    I know someone who has seen him around, his hair is supposed to be longer and he's put on some weight

    Hey Hayley... any luck? Do you know if he got your message?

  15. Your Girl

    Jonathan, I miss you... please get in touch

  16. GetaLife

    Oh my god... leave the poor guy alone

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