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Federal Officials want to wiretap teh interntz. Columbia computer science prof, Steven Bellovin calls this “a disaster waiting to happen.” As if Google isn’t invading our privacy enough already…. (NYtimes). Business Week (yep, Business Week is on Bwog) addressed the plight of the Hellevator with cartoons (Business Week). According to New York Magazine’s Gangs of […]

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The Columbia website (and daily editor Pierce Stanley) informs us that History prof Samuel Moyn has won a Guggenheim Fellowship for his works on the Holocaust’s impact on postwar France. Moyn then informed us, too, by changing his Facebook status to “Samuel Moyn is gloating.” Fortunately, he’s since wised up and changed it to “Samuel […]

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Wipe that crust from your eyes, Columbians. It’s the second day back from Spring Break, and jetlag is no longer an excuse (unless you’re just returning from some three-day hell of flight cancellations and missed connections, in which case…good luck!) While you suck it up and drown yourselves in coffee, here’s some more stuff we’ve […]

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Last week, Bwog brought you the daring discoveries of Columbia’s most intrepid research scientists; two weeks ago we uttered our approval (or lack thereof) for newsworthy alums. This week, we bring Columbia’s finest faculty and awesomest alumni together in a feature uncreatively titled Monday Medley. Theatre of the Deterred, Honors for the Deserved Perhaps the […]

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It turns out that high school kids aren’t the only ones who have infiltrated the once sanctified realm of Facebook. Professors may not be able to work projectors, but they can post mildly amusing Facebook profiles! Samuel Moyn, History. -Political Views: Apathetic. -Job: Foot soldier at Columbia University. -Job Title: Assistant Professor. -Description: I teach […]

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The following picture and caption ran on the front page of today’s Spec next to the article “Professors Scoff at CULPA”: Well, we know Prof. Moyn. Prof. Moyn is a friend of ours. And that, sir, is no Prof. Moyn. This is Prof. Moyn’s picture on the History Department website: So who is the man […]

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