Starch Madness

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While Columbia didn’t even earn the chance to lose to a group of highly skilled farmers in
March Madness, students at John Jay Dining Hall did have exclusive rights to vote in Starch Madness.  The terribly corny pun did not contain any corn (nor did that one), as the Final Four on the bracket seen in John Jay dining hall featured only a group of potato products.

Yes, that’s really a poster asking students to vote for their favorite starch products.  The latest creation of Chef Ray (not to be confused with Chef Rae) failed to follow form with the original March Madness; the brackets are empty (besides the final four) for a reason: there were no other contestants.  According to reporting by Bwog Daily Editor Daniel D’Addario, the finalists (Double stuffed baked potatoes, mini potato pancakes, pierogi with caramelized onion, and roasted red potatoes with sausage) were simply set up next to the desserts, to compete against each other without semifinals.  The double stuffed baked potatoes (dubstufbeepee as the cool kids call ’em) were in the lead as of 6:45, with roasted red and pierogi running last.

Thanks to Stephen Thomas for the tip.


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  1. wtf  

    this article is fucking retarded

  2. hilarious  

    starch madness. only at columbia.

  3. Anonymous  

    "This article is fucking retarded." I agree.
    "it's not an article, it's gossip" wtf? Since when is Jonh Jay's agenda on what they're feeding people gossip?

    This is sad... Bwog has nothing to talk about. Makes me want to commit suicide so that they'll have something to talk about.

  4. anonymous

    "highly skilled farmers"

    Well, fine, Columbia is allowed to be a bit elitist, but come on: show some respect for another school.

    • DHI  

      That has everything to do with my family's UT background and nothing to do with Columbia. Respect for the Aggies?

      • anonymous

        Well, okay, if your family is from UT, then it's fine to hate on A&M. I had misinterpreted that as a snooty denigration of a Texan university.

        I'm from Oklahoma and am surrounded by Northeasterners, so I tend to be a bit snappy about this sort of thing. I apologize for jumping to a wrong conclusion.

        • even so  

          if he was knocking on A&M even without the UT connection, so what. if you think that's a joke in poor taste, feel free to read elsewhere. just like i shouldn't be irritated by your whining and should read elsewhere.

        • DHI  

          No problem. I probably should have made it more clear. Fuckin' Aggies are still in this thing while Texas got knocked off in round two, so I'm a little mad at them (although in a sense I want them to win to rep big 12. 12>10. Therefore Big 12 > Big 10. IT IS SIMPLE MATHEMATICS PEOPLE. And other leagues do not have "Big" in the title and are therefore SMALL TIME ATHLETIC LEAGUES)

  5. wow  

    i hate A&M, UT, Steven Thomas, whoever the fuck DHI is, bwog, bwog naysayers, bwog naysayer-naysayers, and even bwog naysayer-naysayer-naysayers like myself.

  6. i think  

    that we should carve clever puns involving starch onto potatoes.

  7. if you  

    kill yourself bwog will be sure to ignore it.

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