QuickSpec: Scandal! But Perhaps Not Edition

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  1. i like  

    how the nerdy awful puns are coming back. It's cute.

  2. De Beers  

    The Diamond industry is also one of the most corrupt and oppressive in the world.

    You really couldn't make this stuff up.

  3. bottom line  

    Bottom line, it seems that Diamond simply did her research about the issues that are important to different groups. Now Chung is trying to make up for that.

    Her inability to get any endorsement where she had to compete directly against Diamond is probably indicative of her incompetence. She's trying to deflect attention from that and blame others for her own weaknesses. And at the end of the day, Diamond's endorsements include non-SGB groups, including the Spec.. What's Tracy's excuse for that? I'm not sure but, knowing her, I'm sure she'll find an excuse. She is a grade-A complainer.

    • Right...  

      "No substance to platform"?

      It's a student council election - it's the same issues every year which inevitably boil down to a school-wide popularity contest.

      • frumph  

        I was talking mostly about her responses to the Bwog interview, and the Rebel website profiles. I wanted to learn more about the candidates so I clicked on each profile. Maybe I have temporary ADD, but she spends way to much time talking about resume-building, defending her lack of ccsc experience, etc before the issues even come up. Again, this is a spot impression (but on the other hand aren't candidates supposed to prepare for an interview with bwog/spec?).

  4. frumph  

    I don't care about either group but it's kind of obvious there was no substance to Chung's platform, or within her interview responses.If this is just a desperation move then that's just not cool, energy that would have better spent on adding substance to her campaign.

  5. its a desperation

    move but not by chung.


    bidding his time, clearing his path, laying in wait to strike again next year.

  6. Erf  

    I like how Spec gives its endorsement the day BEFORE the debates. Great journalism right there.

    • I think  

      Spec does it editorials based on interviews with the candidate slates, so it doesn't seem unreasonable that they could reach an informed opinion (such as it is in student council elections) before the debates, especially when the damn things are 36 hours before the election. Every other student group does it, so why shouldn't they?

  7. Puzzled

    A whole article on circumcision, and not one mention of Judaism?

  8. chessmaster  

    it says that grandmaster nakamura beat 28/30, drew one, and lost one. does anyone know who beat him and who drew?

  9. This

    is why SEAS is awesome.

    Somewhere, Dan Okin is laughing.

  10. Chiara  

    no Santiago Calatrava coverage? Tsk tsk

  11. rumor  

    is it true that the ME of the eye resigned from the eye because she has cancer or some other life-threatening disease? bwog, give us the spec gossip!

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