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We have learned from past seasons that athletically, Columbia is pretty hit or miss—we can determine the results of football games and fencing tournaments without even attending the competitions. However, there is now a new team contributing to our exceptionally divergent record: the chess team. Bwogger Amara Banks sat down with them to inquire more about their […]

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So you own a Columbia University sweatshirt—maybe you’ve even worn it to a football game or two. But what can you really say about Columbia’s lesser-known sporting scene? Cue Spotlight on Sports, in which we do the dirty work for you. Wannabe-Che(ss)xpert Ella Quittner hung out with Columbia’s chess club this past week to find […]

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Chess on the Steps

Just in case you needed an excuse to go outside today, the Philolexian Society is playing a game of human chess complete with costumes on the Low Steps right now:

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Chabad is the new place in Harlem for singles to meet and “schmooze“.  Seriously, it beats 1020. Coming soon in theaters, Checkmate at 112th Street. You never knew a bishop could be so dangerous. Why don’t you just go to Africa and save some lives like our “celebrated economist” tells us to?  Phelps and Stiglitz […]

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Bwog has just gotten word that a favorite Morningside Heights character, that guy who always sits outside of Deluxe playing chess, has amassed some elementary school-aged disciples and is teaching them his craft with a group called NYC Chess. Overheard next to one young chess fiend: “you know what? That kid wins three out of […]

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Bwog correspondent Coogan Brennan caught up with chess legend Garry Kasparaov in Harlem this afternoon. United Civil Front leader and former world chess champion Garry Kasparov made an appearance at the Harlem Children’s Zone today starting at around 2 PM. Kasparov is the fifteen-year reigning chess champion who also currently holds the highest ranking of any living […]

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A Game of Thrones

In which Bwog correspondent CML alights from the stygian sauna that is Woodbridge Residence Hall to nestle himself between the facade of Cardomat and the awning of Oren’s Daily Roast, to document a picaresque evening of rare chess camaraderie. When you think of chess, you think of bearded Slavs with vodka on their breath, sterile […]

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Russian Roulette

On Sunday, Low Plaza saw a woman of great intellect and beauty stride on her steps to challenge the great chess minds of Fair Alma.  Not one to avoid a fight, Bwog’s Chess Correspondent Chris Morris-Lent took up his pawn and rook in an epic battle on 64 wooden squares. It’s been said that “chess […]

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A Diamond Under Pressure Diamond is a Campus Paper’s Best Friend  Diamonds in the rough not worth breaking the rules  It is hard to make any more “Diamond” puns, but read about this chess grandmaster. “Columbia got some wood at the 2007 NCAA Championships.”  

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Check, mate

Bwog was utterly charmed this afternoon by the sight of a little girl taking on the best of Broadway on the chess board. What a worldbeater.   

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