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The first issue of
Eclectica Esoterica – the magazine that features your weirdest, wildest, and generally most interesting papers – is out. Bwog inaugurates the new publication with a customary quicking (since the magazine is in PDF format, all links point to the same source).

MF Doom, meet linguistics (p. 4)

Zen and the art of the…spiritually enlightening orgasm? (p. 8)

In nomine profit margin: saving souls, one bushel at a time (p. 21)

How I learned to stop protesting and love the crack of a whip – on my own back (p. 29)

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  1. ee fan  

    Great first issue, EE. I hope people submit next semester and make this awesome new publication a fixture on campus.

  2. William Gladstone  

    What an awful name for a publication.

    Although to be fair, the people who came up with it are probably morons.

  3. hmm  

    that essay about the anthropolgy of communion wafers was the most interesting thing that i've read in a few weeks, bar none. kudos, ee.

  4. honestly  

    I haven't read the essays within, but EE's layout design is one of the most attractive I've seen in a Columbia publication.

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