1. jesse  

    which daughter? dj or stephanie?

  2. ...

    the olsens, you schmuck.

  3. Who you rolling with

    Maaan, I'm rolling with Saget.

  4. Sprinkles  

    ...Future Class Day Speaker?

  5. i often  

    confuse sagat and bob saget. thanks for clearing that up bwog.

    but seriously, this post made my day as it included two things i cherished in my early days, crappy sitcoms and videos games that involved a whole lot of ass-kicking.

  6. that was

    the best video game ever! i cant even remmber what it was called tho? help?

  7. duh  

    thats the first street fighter

  8. equal opp.  

    Saget and daughter sighted taking the Barnard tour as well.

  9. crack

    now there's an addiction.

  10. i'm pretty sure  

    it was not bob saget, but my dad and sister. my dad looks a bit like bob saget. they only toured barnard.

  11. oh..  

    street fighter II... (nostalgic sigh)

  12. s w  

    that is most definitely street fighter one

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