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  1. Hang on  

    Andrew Russeth, CC '07 and Columbia College Student Council vice president of communications, denounced the turnstiles in Lerner: "Sometimes I'll try to swipe and miss and catch it right at your groin."

    Wait a minute, whose groin, exactly? And Jimmy Vielkind doesn't think misquoting is a problem...

  2. New Orleanian  

    Good Article on the New Orleans Spring Break. Most of us New Orleanians don't know how to respond to people asking how things are going. We can say, "great! Come on down to NOLA and visit the city" hoping tourists will come and spend the much needed service dollars that drives our economy. Or we can say "terrible! We need help and we need it bad" hoping that more people will recognize the fact that the city is still neglected by the government and needs some attention. In actuality, both are true. The touristy areas (the quarter, magazine street...) are doing well, and are capable of handling tourists like we used to. However, the residential areas are in disrepair, and prevent many from moving back.

    Sorry for the rant, but it is always on my mind.

  3. sometimes  

    Sometimes people say things that don't make sense. Often what sounds right in speech is confusing in writing. That does not make it a misquote. In fact, it's when I quote sounds too proper that a mistake has likely been made.

  4. Question  

    Are people born lefties or is that a result of environmental conditions?

  5. hmm...  

    So columbia's a racist.... Columbia won't even give the Cultural Groups don't even have a department... why are so many other school advanced on this issue and we aren't?... we even pride ourselves on the diversity of our school!

  6. someone  

    please post the url from the voting computers here, so that we can all beat the system.

    (control-click on any of the links on the page in order to see the url bar briefly. if you're more patient than I was, you can memorize the address)

  7. Admissions  

    Seems to get more selective each year. So how long until Columbia is mentioned in the same breath as Harvard, Yale, and Princeton? When will HYP become HYPC?

    • never  

      When the rest of the country considers Harvard, Princeton, and Yale, they are thinking about overall prestige. Not admission selectivity.... so, never.

    • watcher  

      Columbia is going to be substantially more selective this year than Yale, has been more selective than Princeton for a while, and could eke past Harvard depending on what kind of yield they expect.

    • CC alum  

      Columbia will not get national respect until the students who actually go to Columbia begin to show some, themselves.

      In other words, Columbians always complaining about Columbia, not so good.

      Also - yield matters. HYP students want to be there, Columbia students, not so much.

      • Sprinkles  

        Speak for yourself. Columbia was my first choice and I love it here. That's why I criticize it so much...because I love it. Like what James Baldwin said about America.

        • alum  

          The Columbia = America argument is specious at best. Columbia is a selective club that people choose to join.

          Why would outsiders praise a club whose members actively dislike it? Cantabs LOVE Harvard. The students there supported Summers more than the faculty!

          Some of Columbia's selectivity comes from its location and its use as a safety for those shooting for HYPStanford. As depressing as that is for some we alumni - it's true. Ask your classmates if they applied to HYPStanford and if they got in.

          Also, unfortunately - way too many Columbians choose New York over Core Curriculum, too...

          Oh, well.

          • Sprinkles  

            Columbia is not a "lesser" Ivy. I didn't apply to Yale because the thought of being in New Haven for four year was repulsive - I thought I'd die of boredom. I applied to Harvard regular decision, but then I got into Columbia early. Why? Because I liked Columbia most of all the schools I considered. I knew I would get more out of living in New York than New Haven. Yes, I have a life outside campus, that's why.

            It's about finding the right fit. I was a smart urbanite looking for an urban school for smart people. And I liked Columbia best of all my choices. Simple as that.

  8. alum  

    odd typo - eliminate 'we'

  9. You Missed A Quote  

    An option from today's poll about contraceptive prices:

    "Students will suck it up to pay for necessary contraception."

  10. haha  

    lol, this is from the admissions rate article:

    "In addition to being the largest admissions pool in Columbia history, this year's admitted class is also one of the most diverse. Students admitted to the class of 2011 represent 49 of the 50 states-sorry, North Dakotans-and 54 countries outside the United States"

    It would suck to be an applicant from ND reading this.

  11. who can  

    actually be upset that Harvard, Yale and Princeton are more prestigious than Columbia? could you have a bigger chip on your shoulder?

    it's also ridiculous to insist that the remedy to our comparatively-lesser-prestige is just for columbia students to stop complaining. in other words, you're saying, columbia's problem isn't that it has problems, but that people talk about its problems. why worry about reality when appearances are so much simpler?

  12. turnstiles=annoying  

    I'm not left-handed but I still hate those fuckin' turnstiles.

  13. BANQUET  


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